what to wear during your holiday break.

Here’s a quick post on what to wear during your holiday break. Or more specifically, what to wear while you’re sitting on your ass during your holiday break.

As an “adult” I didn’t realize that a “holiday break” was possible until about 2 years ago. Shit at work luckily gets pretty slow in the two weeks between Dec 21st-ish and January 5th-ish, and I was like, “Wait a minute. It seems like everyone that is usually calling and emailing me disappears for two weeks around the holidays so maybe I should too?!”

So then I did. And I never looked back. Luckily I have a very kind and humane company to work for that gives us a healthy number of vacation days. THANK YOU KIND AND HUMANE COMPANY.

When you finally have a holiday break, you need to think about what to wear on your holiday break.

I do actually have to work the day after Xmas this year because I’m covering for the UK office. The day after Xmas is “Boxing Day” in the UK and if you don’t know what that is look it up because it’s silly AF. But I’m fully on board, as I always am with fun silly shit, and will gladly support them on their UK day off.

But (knock on wood) I don’t think it will be that busy and I’ll be working from home. Cross your fingers everyone.

JaneDO sweatshirt.

JaneDO is a great place to work out and they also have great merchmerchmerch. This cropped crew sweatshirt is great for any day but it’s super great for sitting on your ass next to an Xmas tree, I’ll tell ya that much.

Sweatshirt, JaneDO.

black sports bra and leopard leisure pants.

This is for when you get too hot while you’re baking cookies. Don’t you dare tell me that doesn’t happen to you because it happens to everyone.

Sports bra, Carbon38. Leopard leisure pants, JCrew.

sweatshirt dress, leggings, and adult pigtails.

This is a sweatshirt BUT ALSO A DRESS. IT IS A SWEATSHIRT DRESS. I hate wearing pants and I love to wear a dress even during lounge times. You could wear it with leggings but that’s fine because they don’t count as actual pants. Also adult pigtails are a great lounge lewk and don’t you forget it.

Sweatshirt dress, Target. Leggings, JCrew.

sweater and imitation down blanket.

This is just a pretty straight forward sweater. I like it. Many sweaters are on sale at Target right now. Also I’ve had this imitation down blanket since 2005 so I don’t think you’d find it anywhere but good luck.

Sweater and blanket, Target.

full body sweatpants, aka a sweatpants jumper, aka the best thing i’ve ever gotten from target and that says a lot. and a leopard scrunchie.

This is for relaxing and staying warm and also LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE BECAUSE IT IS GLAM AF.

Sweatpants jumper and leopard scrunchie, Target. I could not find the link for this freaking jumper but I just got it the other day so go to Target and search for it if you want.

For the next few days I will be sitting on my ass and wearing comfortable clothes. See you there.

Happy Xmas!