wedding tuxedo shopping.

You guys I had the busiest weekend and I just wanted to sleep yesterday. So I did. But now I’m ready to tell you about one of the busy things I did during my busy weekend, wedding tuxedo shopping.

I went in knowing nothing about wedding tuxedo shopping or tuxedo shopping in general. I went once with a prom date but my shit was all picked out so I didn’t really care what he was getting and didn’t pay attention. So my brain was ripe for new knowledge!

Ready to learn!

My future brother in law, his stepdad, his best man, and my dad, and I, went to Men’s Wearhouse in Quakertown, PA. I grew up in a forest/cornfield but getting to this place from my parents’ house was a forest/cornfield ON CRACK situaish. Sorry I forgot we’re not supposed to call stuff “crack” anymore. You get what I mean.

And if you don’t know I’ll tell you now, it was all trees and farms and beautiful rolling hills. I saw a ton of signs that were like “preserved farm land” and “preserved open space.” KEEP IT UP, PENNSYLVANIA.

Back to the wedding tuxedo shopping, it wasn’t that serious but I was nervous at first. My future brother in law asked me to go with them, I think because I like fashunz. But that doesn’t mean I know anything about BOY fashions?! So I was scared that I would blow it but I think I did okay.

You walk in and it’s suits, suits, suits, and ties, ties, ties, and I’m like yawn, yawn, yawn because I am super NOT into dudes in suits. Like fine if you wanna dress up that’s cute or whatever but as far as the day to day you won’t catch me hanging out with Suit Guy if I get to choose who I’m hanging out with.

I do enjoy this colorful display!

We had an appointment with Ethan (woo Ethan!). And he was like 17 and I think we really stressed him out and made him nervous but he did okay I swear.

It’s really pretty simple –

1. The dudes choose “suit” or “tux”

Suit or tux?

2. They measure the dudes

3. The dudes try on samples of their chosen garments

4. The dudes choose all the details

Okay the details part was hard. We had to pick colors, which would have made my head explode. But we were lucky because we already got our bridesmaid dresses, and Men’s Wearhouse is in cahoots with David’s Bridal in some kind of wedding industrial complex conspiracy so they already knew the dude colors that would match.

FYI this is a lot of colors.

I guess in this case the wedding industrial complex conspiracy played in our favor.

Then they had to choose shoes. And bow tie or regs tie. And vest or suspenders. But NOT vest AND suspenders. That’s TOO FAR, according to Ethan. DO NOT EVEN TRY IT.

I would choose regs tie and then I would wear this tie BECAUSE IT HAS CHAMPAGNE CHEERS ON IT.

Also “jewelry.” What?! There is tuxedo jewelry?! WTF is going on?! My sister doesn’t know what jewelry she plans to wear yet so I couldn’t help with that besides just sharing my opinion and that is that I liked the white and gold.


Okay but something that I DID actually learn while wedding tuxedo shopping is that the distinction between “tuxedo” and “suit” comes down to the the cut/style of the pants and jacket. I think? Google it.

I also read this informational poster and that counts as learning.

Overall I was impressed that the dudes were simply measured, tried things on, chose their choices, and were on their way. I think this was a group that’s not trying too hard to do something crazy or different or statement making and I like that about them. Please leave the crazy and different and statement making to ME, thanks.

But JK because LeXX did order a special outfit for himself that includes a jacket with tails. And that is why LeXX is the ultimate…warrior. And I’m excited to see his special outfit! It should be special! He’s the father of the bride! Like the film!

After tuxedo shopping we went to Red Robin WHICH IS MY EVERYTHING even though I haven’t been there for like 8 years.


I got an Impossible Burger in the style of the Burnin Love Burger with a side of zucchini fries and a chocolate milkshake.


Wedding tuxedo shopping is the greatest! Have you been? Do you have any thoughts? Don’t you love the Burnin Love Burger at Red Robin?!