months and months of birchboxes pt. 2.

Once again I have collected months and months of unopened Birchboxes. And I’ve found myself with a BIRCHBOX BACKLOG.


I guess…this?

Let’s begin.

october 2020.

Okay honestly I don’t really know what month any of these are from but October was my best guess for this one, for whatever reason. I guess I could look it up but I don’t really feel like it.

I am very, VERY excited about the eyeshadow in this one because I need eyeshadow but I didn’t feel like buying it. I haven’t really used it for a while but want to put it back in the ‘ol routine, if I ever get to leave my house again.

This box also includes a product for “scalp detox.” Personally I am currently very into “scalp detox” because my poor scalp is really suffering. I never realized it could be a problem but it really kind of is. Hopefully this will help! Yay!

The makeup brush made me laugh because I collect makeup brushes like Birchboxes…I put them somewhere and never open them.

And that has to stop.

This month’s box design was really fun too, I love all these different ladies with their different lipsticks!

november 2020.

November is my BIRTHDAY MONTH so I know this one is from then because on the silly shipping label it said, “Happy Birthday Shannon Popov.”

Okay first of all, THIS BOX CONTAINS A JADE ROLLER. I have been wanting to try a jade roller forever but really didn’t feel like buying one. But here one is! In my hand! For me to try!

This box has an amika hair product in it, which is great, because amika makes the only styling products I’ve found that make my hair look how I want it to look. AND I NEED AS MUCH OF IT AS I CAN GET.

It also has a Rebecca Minkoff perfume sample, which got me thinking. For the last 3-ish years I have obsessively worn “Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Abricot” (which I found via Birchbox) because it SMELLS LIKE DELICIOUS COOKIES but I’ve let that run out so I think it’s time to try some new stuff? Maybe for the next month or so I’ll try on all the perfume samples I’ve been hoarding. IT WILL BE FUN.

december 2020.

Is this from December? I think? The little card said something about the holidays?

The box is very understated but a peaceful blue. Peaceful is always good.

I’ve been trying to do a hair mask once or twice a week so I was VERY PLEASED to find a hair mask in here, as my hair mask supply is not infinite and needed to be replenished.

I really LOVE this red nail polish and I wish I opened this box before Xmas because I would have used the polish then. Whatever I’ll still use it now.


Additionally this box has hand cream! Always need that. Every minute of every day. In every purse. Thx.

mystery month 1.

No idea what month this is from but I LOVE this flowery box! Wow! I wish I had something to do with the boxes besides throw them out…plz share ideas if you have any.

Biggest takeaway is that this box has a CANNABIS moisturizer and I’ve never tried that and I want to. I don’t think it’s going to MAKE MY FACE HIGH or anything but I’m interested to see what benefit it might add to a moisturizer…if anything.


I love the hydrating collagen eye masks in this box, too. I’ve gotten them in a box two or three times before and I will always take them again because they’re great.

mystery month 2.

Another mystery. Who knows. I apologize for kind of half-assing this post but like…this was a lot of boxes, you guys. I will try to get back on track next month I swear.

Anyway, this box is like a little drawer and has a little pink tassel to pull it open. LOOK AT THE LITTLE PINK TASSEL IT IS EVERYTHING.

This box had a cute little bingo in it that you could fill out and post on social media and enter to win a prize. But I missed that because it was over at the end of September and I didn’t open the box until now. Maybe this was the August box? Either way, I’m sad about the bingo.

There is ANOTHER hair mask in this box and I’m just so glad that I’ve got more hair masks in my arsenal. My poor dry, frizzy hair needs to be masked as much as possible so it doesn’t fully snap off my head. It’s a tough life.

This box also has an Arrow lip product and I AM VERY INTO ARROW LIP PRODUCTS. I always enjoyed grabbing an Arrow lip balm in the Birchbox section of the Hollywood Walgreens. I MISS TRAVEL. SOB.

This appears to be a moisturizing oil and again I wish I opened this box sooner because my lips were REAL BAD around Xmas and I really needed some help and this would have…helped.

Next time.

That’s all the Birchboxes! Whew! Okay I have to take a nap now bye.

months and months of birchboxes.

I finally opened my months and months of Birchboxes on Saturday and I made this little timelapse.

See how sweaty I am at the end? Yeesh.

Just casually hanging out in a bridesmaid robe on a non-wedding Saturday afternoon. Also I’ve been wearing my glasses because I have allergies and I don’t want my eyes to take a turn into a dark unhealthy place where I can’t even get contacts in like they sometimes do. So I’ve been not wearing my contacts so I will be able to wear contacts and I HATE wearing glasses. They are ridiculous and uncomfortable and I have a terrible headache.

Moving along.

may birchbox.

This one was in a pretty blue box with flowers and very May-like. I’m most excited to try the ModelCo Instant Brows brow pencil. Because brows are everything. EVERYTHING.

june birchbox.

The June Birchbox came with a note that said, “Everybody needs you time. Indulge a little.”

As if I needed someone to tell me that.

The Amika Flash Instant Shine Mask is already one of my most fav products and I’m glad to have a travel size now! Amika has incred products and their branding has cute skeletons. I’m sold.

The Arrow BOOST Color Enhancing Lip Balm is a Birchbox OG classic as far as I know and I’m never mad about getting one. I always, ALWAYS need another lip balm because I lose them and/or leave them in a purse and forget about them. I’m only human.

july birchbox.

All I have to say about this is look at this THICC AF MASCARA FROM STILA. Yes it’s everything I needed to freshen up my makeup bag for the fall.

august birchbox.

More Amika in the August box! Hooray! I also love that this box has a hand sanitizer AND a hand moisturizer because at this point one 100% needs both.

And now I feel immensely relieved for resolving the Birchbox backlog that has been hanging over my head for months. Whew.

march birchbox.

Here it is, my thoughts on the March Birchbox!

I realize it’s the end of March. I saved it for now because it was a bright spot at the end of the calendar page. March is already traditionally the worst month and this year it got taken to another level of terrible.

But the Birchbox is great! I even tried some products right out of the box this time!

I spread the Wander Beauty Double Date Lip and Cheek on my cheeks but I think I did it wrong. I looked like my niece when she uses my sister in law’s makeup. I need practice with this one.

The Floss Beauty My New Favorite Lip Gloss lip gloss, on the other hand, was BADASS and I didn’t do it wrong! Because it has no color. But it smelled like the old vanilla frosting lip gloss from lip smackers! I can’t make this up. It’s def my new favorite as the package foretold. Also it’s a full size sample heyoooooo.

i applied to #SephoraSquad.

I applied to #SephoraSquad because it sounds fun as hell and also because there isn’t anything fun to do these days besides fill out forms on the internet.

If you want, and also like to fill out forms on the internet, you can give them a little testimonial about me and why you enjoy and are entertained by the shanimal of it all. To help me get on the squad! You guys! And you can submit that testimonial here.

If not, please enjoy this image they generated for me to share with you. I believe it just shows my Instagram profile pic and my two most liked recent posts. One of my most liked recent posts, and I think my most liked post OF ALL TIME, is a pic from Getty images in 2002 of a pangolin. I have no idea why this post was my most liked post of all time. But pangolins are pretty darn cute.

february birchbox.

Hey look! It’s the February Birchbox!

Take 15% Off All Birchbox Gift Subscription Cards This Valentine’s Day with Code VDAY15

The box says “Hey look! I’m not a bill!” And that’s honestly the whole reason I get it.

february birchbox

Here is my unboxing.

I’m very, very excited that this month has a sample of Amika Curl Corps. I use this every day anyway and now I have a little travel one for the gym! YESSSS.

I’m curious about the “cleansing foam conditioner” from R+Co because I have no idea how it works. I guess I should pay attention.

february birchbox

The Mellow Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lip Paint in Ibiza seems pretty nice, I tried it out during the unboxing. At first it seemed a little dry but now ten minutes later it doesn’t feel dry and still looks like I made an effort with my lip makeup. So that’s good!

february birchbox

The Beauty Crop Glow Milk Liquid Highlighter is in the most adorable package I’ve ever seen and that’s all I know about it for now.

february birchbox

Embryolisse is a moisturizer that I also know nothing about but it has “Embryo” in the name so maybe that means my skin will be as perfect as a baby?! One can hope.

That’s all I got. Thanks for watching. YOU BETTER HAVE WATCHED THE VID.

Also if you have a problem with the birds you can GET THE HECK OUT.

january birchbox.

It’s cold. It’s dry. We just really need to stay hydrated, inside and out. Here are my thoughts on the January Birchbox.

New Year, New You! Discover Your New Favorite Products with The Help From! Join for 1 Year with Code FIRSTBOX1 and your First Box is $1!

This time around I’m wearing mascara from November’s Birchbox, Wander Beauty Mile High Club mascara. I like it!

I also actually tried one of the products from this month’s box while making the video, tlw “Let’s Get Naked.” I love what it did to my hair and it smells like CANDY. My hair has felt really dry the past few days since dyeing it last week and I feel like this stuff helped.

Here’s the list of the January Birchbox products, for your informaish:

Take up to 50% Off New to Clearance Sale at! Ends 1/20!

december birchbox.

It’s the penultimate day of December and I think it’s time to share my thoughts upon opening the December Birchbox.

I know you’ve been waiting for this.

The December Birchbox’s actual physical box had a little poem on the inside:

Cool! But I don’t think they realize it’s pretty often about me.

I do things for other people but I don’t let myself get to a point where I’m completely stressed and unhappy because I didn’t do anything for myself. This is a priority and platform of mine.

Please take time for yourselves, my friends. PUT ON YOUR OWN OXYGEN MASK BEFORE THE OXYGEN MASKS OF OTHERS.


I’m just not.

Anyway here are the products in the box:

And the card with the product names and brands so I don’t have to type them out right now because I’m a gal on the go:

Once again I’ll update this post once I’ve tried them out! But I still haven’t tried the November products. I kind of hoard them in the top drawer of my bathroom dresser until I need them, and it’s fun.

xmas list of an adult woman.

Xmas is almost here! This is the Xmas list of an adult woman.

My mom and dad are very kind and good parents and luckily show us that they care in many, many different and diverse and dynamic ways but one of those ways is fun Xmas gifts! So my mom asked us all for Xmas lists. And the only ones that got back to her with an Xmas list were my future brother in law and me. Because we aren’t FOOLS.

I love getting gifts. I won’t deny it. I also get gifts for others and put a lot of thought into them because it’s the right thing to do, but I wouldn’t say I get as much enjoyment out of giving gifts as I get out of receiving them. That’s just the way it is.

Without further adieu, here is the Xmas list of an adult woman, as I wrote it to my mom.

i need 4 of these frames in black PLEASEEE

Link to frames.

8x8 frame from Amazon

I got some awesome prints from Brooklyn Snobs like…5 months ago, and they need to go in frames. There are 4 prints so that is why I “need” 4 frames. Didn’t mean to be a bitch by saying, “I NEED this.”

I love these bras, any of the black fabrics in this style in size small

Link to bras.

Bralettes for adult woman

I love these FREAKING bras and they are so damn expensive unless you buy the pattern and materials to SEW YOUR OWN which I do not feel like doing right now. Sorry.

one or both of these little sets

Link to set 1.

Drunk elephant Rise + Glow set from Sephora

Link to set 2.

Drunk Elephant Night Bright set from Sephora

I want to possess Drunk Elephant products so badly and I hope “Santa” understands that. Also I said “one” was an option but I really do want both.

OMG! i think in small

Link to bright pink puffer jacket from Target

Hot Pink Puffer Coat from Target!

Anything pink immediately draws me to it, like a moth to the flame. And I must possess it.

I want to try this place, $45 for 3 classes new student special

Link to Y7 Flatiron.

YAS Y7 YASSSSS. This is the only yoga I’m on board with. It’s fast and there is fun music.

I want to try this one too! Starter 10 day class for $35

Link to 305 Fitness.

Ive heard tales of this fun dance class with a DJ and I GOTTA GO.

Any bra or pants from here that is mostly black and a size small, pants should be high waisted please and I like the strappier bras

Link to Carbon38 SALE.

Carbon38 sale page, filtered for items that are black.

Workout clothes. Clothes for working out. Carbon38 is bananas expensive but they have good sales sometimes. When I started working out a few years ago I really liked wearing crazy colored pants and bras but I don’t like those as much anymore so I’m trying to phase them out and replace them with black. Because it’s the New York way. Don’t worry, I will still wear brightly colored and patterned regular clothes. Just not gym clothes.


Link to SERUMS from Glossier.

Glossier super glow and super bounce serums

Suddenly I need serums. Like legitimately need them. My face is red all the time, and dry, and getting wrinkly. I need to try as many as possible until I find ones that work. Don’t judge me. This is the Xmas list of an adult woman, after all.

In size 8

Link to leopard Vans from

Vans Leopard slip ons

Link to zebra Vans from

Vans with zebra print

Like a good Jersey City girl I will never be over Vans and I need them in my life. I wore my current leopard ones into the ground so I need a refresh. And I haven’t seen zebra on any other gal. If I see them on you I’ll kick your ass. JK let’s have a zebra Vans party.

Link to beautiful Frye boots.
If you still need any ideas…these in black size 8 😍😍😍

Black Frye booties

This was a more recent addendum to the list and the note at the bottom is to my mom, not you. They’re sold out in size 8 now so FINGERS CROSSED one of those sales was SANTA.

Small desk for working from home (in Black Oak)

Link to desk from Target.

Gray colored desk

I have A LOT of space in my bedroom now and I want to get a desk! I can use it to work from home for actual work or to work on this very blog. I usually sit on the floor and use my coffee table for my computers in either situation. Although I enjoy floor-sitting greatly I think a desk would probably be better for my body.

Chair for desk (this one or similar, but want a pink-ish velvet one in this style comfortable for sitting and working)

Link to pink velvet chair from Urban Outfitters.

Pink velvet chair

Omg. I want this chair. It’s just perf. Please pray to Xmas for me.

also books!

Link to The Witches Are Coming by Lindy West.

I cannot wait to read this. I love and want and need everything that Lindy West has ever written. She is a goddess of words and thoughts and ideas. Bow down to her or face your own ignorance with shame.

Link to Little Weirds by Jenny Slate.

Jenny Slate is a cute little wacky lady that moves around in a funny way and she is also sharp and smart. She has a fun to follow instagram and always wears fashunz I would like to wear. One time a boy told me I looked like a combo of Jenny Slate and Zoe Deschanel and it was a huge compliment although I don’t really believe it. I don’t think I look like either of them but I DO think that this particular boy didn’t have very good communication skills and was trying to convey that I was “quirky” and also some kind of manic pixie dream girl. Which is a problem. I am a real person and not a literary device. Anyway I wanna read this book.

blue light blocking glasses in la_nola color please

Link to blue light blocking glasses.

Blue light blocking glasses

I already got these. Don’t be jealous. Santa sent them to my office because I was getting headaches. Thaaaaanks Santa.

haha size small

Link to “Brat” long sleeve tee from Rachel Anotnoff.

Pink "Brat" long sleeve t-shirt from Rachel Antonoff

I love Rachel Antonoff. One time I received a photo of her on my birthday and she said “Happy Birthday!” It was a big moment. A guy I went on a few dates with sent it to me and was like “I went to high school with Rachel and I ran into her on the street and I told her it was your bday!” And I think that was very kind. She’s from New Jersey so of course she is good people…GREAT PEOPLE. Her stuff is very expensive but so fun, so I have a few of the t-shirts. One day I will be able to buy the real clothes. ONE DAY YOU GUYS. EVEN SANTA CAN’T AFFORD THEM RIGHT NOW THOUGH OK?!

Rachel Antonoff on the street in NYC
Birthday (my birthday) image of Rachel Antonoff from my personal collection.

anything from this page if you need silly little things (I like the notebooks and pens and stickers and socks and ornaments)

Link to’s “Gifts Under $25” page's under $25 gifts page never does anything I don’t like. I think you know that already.


Link to Mini Waffle Maker from Urban Outfitters.

Cute little yellow mini waffle maker from Urban Outfitters

Frankly this is ridiculous but like…I def want this. I don’t have a waffle maker and this would be THE waffle maker for my small kitchen.

That’s the Xmas list of an adult woman. Now you know what to get me! JK Santa will get this stuff for me don’t you even dare.

What’s on your list? What are you most excited about potentially receiving? On the other hand, if you prefer giving, what are you most excited to give? Do you do presents at all or just chill and eat foods? Eating holiday foods is great too but we’ll talk about that another time, as it warrants a whole separate post.

birchbox at walgreens.

Save $5 off your first month of Birchbox, plus get a FREE MAC Crosswire lipstick and Prep plus Prime lipstick primer with code MACDUO5 Valid 12/10-12/18!

In LA there is Birchbox at Walgreens! It actually is happening in some other spots now, but LA was the very first place I saw Birchbox at Walgreens, at the Sunset Blvd location.

You may already be aware that I love Birchbox. I guess it can be said that I also love Walgreens (or “Duane Reade” as we call them in NYC because now Walgreens owns those so they are also Walgreens but they will always be Duane Reade. At least until the idea of “Duane Reade” dissolves from our collective consciousness). So of course, I love Birchbox at Walgreens.

The very first time that I entered the one on Sunset and noticed the Birchbox of it all was last December. So it is the year anniversary of my Birchbox at Walgreens awareness. And I’m still not done being wowed by it.

They have quality name brand products! But in mini size! But also in full size because they also have them in full size! At a pharmacy/convenience store type of store! It’s everything I’ve ever wanted!

You can put together your own little Birchbox right there on the spot for $15 you guys! They gave the cutest little kiosk where all of the little samples live and there are cards saying what their little jobs are and you can add 5 to the orettiest little box and pay $15 and leave there with a guaranteed path to happiness right there in your hand.

It goes without saying that this could also be a gift for another! Maybe I DID need to say that, to remind you. And also myself.

It is beautiful. They have some of my most favorites there too – amika hair products, this chapstick that makes your lips pink based on your body temperature, micellar wipes (do NOT get me started on these micelles because they are my new favorite thing and I could go on for hours), and smoothing hair oil, to name very few.

Because there are very MANY lovely and fantastic sample AND full-sized products at this Birchbox at Walgreens.

I brought my mom in because I thought she would be delighted but she didn’t have room in her travel bag so we just took some silly pics and called it a day.

Don’t worry, the last two times I have been in LA I have gotten myself a little Birchbox. But I also didn’t have room in my travel bag this time.

And I am sorry.

I walked past the NYC edition of Birchbox in Walgreens a few weeks ago and now that I know where one is I MUST go check it out. It’s just so cool that you can have access to all of this fun stuff and it is in WALGREENS. Like just a normal store on the corner where you get Advil and melatonin all the time and now you can also get lovely Birchbox products. I don’t know, I just feel very special.

Have you ever been to Birchbox in Walgreens? Are there more than what is in NYC and LA? I guess I could google it. How special do you feel that you can get special and glam ladyyy shit for ladyyys at a regular every day Walgreens? I don’t know about you but I love the future. Robots for president.

november birchbox.

I haven’t tried any of the products in my November Birchbox yet but I made a little vid about my first impressions on opening the box. It’s a fun little activity I look forward to every month. Is that dumb? Sorry.

Actually I’m not sorry but here is the “card” I keep referring to.

birchbox samples, ipkn, acure, tocca, davines, jane iredale, wander beauty

And the products themselves.

birchbox samples, ipkn, acure, tocca, davines, jane iredale, wander beauty
Now I just have to try them…

I’ll give you an update once I have tried them!