f**k february.

It may already be universally understood and therefore unnecessary to say it but in case you don’t know F**K February. Like what a literal nightmare.

I’m currently looking out the window at a snow storm and devouring 5x the recommended dose of vitamin D while cowering and sobbing in front of my UV light after barely being able to drag myself out of bed this morning.

Times are not good.

There is nothing in the world that interests me or excites me right now. I don’t feel like doing ANYTHING. The effort of moving or thinking or living seems like so much work and I’d rather take a nap.

One of my friends and her now husband used to have “F**k February” parties during the normal years of parties in people’s houses and I always really enjoyed them. It was the best idea! And so great to get together with pals and have some fun and drink some drinks and eat some foods and forget that the our environment was essentially uninhabitable.

I really miss those parties and I really miss the “normal” times but like WHO DOESN’T?!

It’s February and it’s a nightmare. F**K February.

*I took these pics to cheer myself up last week on a cold snowy day and it worked. I wrote this a few days ago, so by today, the day of “publishing,” it had gotten up to 45 degrees outside during my morning run and things were looking up! But I’m the last person to think it’s wise and acceptable to trust March so I’m not getting TOO comfortable…

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  1. Shan, you’re the best. March is on it’s way to help grab Feb by the scruff. Btw, I like the blog. The blog is good 🙂

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