is it okay to tell people you stalked them on social media?

Is it okay to tell people you stalked them on social media? Please say it is, because I really want to.


Only if my findings were positive though. But 99.9% of the time my findings have been positive. That is the quality level of the folks that I stalk. Frankly I only stalk the best.

It always used to happen the same way. I’d start by stalking some idiot guy I was after. 99.9% of these idiot guys put next to nothing on social media because they’re manipulative and trying to be “mysterious.” Go ahead, find a guy like that and be like, “Hey man, what’s the deal with your barely present social media presence? Why do you archive and un-archive your entire existence at an unpredictable cadence?” He’ll shrug quietly and be like, “I’m not into social media.”

He’s lying. He breadcrumbs the world on purpose. It’s his thing.

Moving on, these investigations into some idiot guy’s social media always led into deeper investigations into the people interacting with his limited social media presence. The people that comment on his shit, the people whose shit he comments on, and the people who tag him.

These are your people. You use them to build the narrative.

The narrative is 1 part lies combined with 2 parts fanciful ideas you created and embellished in your mind combined with 1 part complete and utter fantasy. You do not know this idiot guy, and you never will. Give up. Give up now.

BUT! You HAVE come across some interesting new faces and virtual curiosities that will keep you coming back for more. And you will build new worlds and narratives around them. And it will be FUN.

If you haven’t picked up on this already, I really only write about stuff I like on here, unless I’m ranting about a problem caused by “the man.” So in bringing up these folks I’ve stalked on social media I just want to make sure you know that I like them and I think they’re great and I’m glad I’m aware of them.

But like, do I tell them?

No, no no, that will make it weird right?

But I want to spread goodwill! And cheer! And reveal to them how I admire them! And I’m cheering for them! and how they’re part of my community and my universe and they don’t even know it but I totally have their backs!

I can’t tell them though? Ugh. Fine.

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