spotify wrapped: you don’t have to be a dick about it.

The end of the year has come. Even though it was a lame year, we still have the thrill of end of the year “lists” and “retrospectives” and one of my favorites is Spotify Wrapped.

First of all, I love Spotify as an app, an idea, AND A LIFESTYLE. To this day I marvel over being able to find any music I want at any time. It’s there and it’s beautiful and it’s for me.

Everyone I know that loves music loves Spotify. I’m not saying it’s a requirement, I’m just saying in my EXPERIENCE all of my fellow music lovers are fully on board. It’s a great thing to have in our lives, living inside of our phone.

So the Spotify Wrapped time of year, when it arrives, is fun and joyful and exciting. I love to see what everyone has been listening to, I really truly do.

I won’t go into how much I miss getting mix tapes/CDs from pals BUT I MISS IT A LOT. It was truly an unparalleled honor to give and receive these bespoke musical anthologies and I miss it every day.

So Spotify Wrapped offers a chance to see what pals have been listening to. Taking a peek at their favorites and most played helps me discover more music! If I really respect someone’s musical taste or relate to their taste overall, I’ll go and listen to everything on their list and I will be a better person for it and that is a beautiful thing.

Most of my friends shared their Spotify Wrapped videos and it was fun and happy. I saw some friends express their happiness over enjoying the Spotify Wrappeds of others. All was well.

Until I started to see some memes that were like, “I don’t care what you listened to this year,” or like, “I’d rather see your ‘dumb’ workout video than your Spotify Wrapped.” And for whatever reason it made me COMPLETELY ANNOYED.

I simply don’t understand why some people have to be SO SNARKY and HATE EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME. LIke they were just looking for their next thing to pick on and feel superior to and they were so excited when Spotify Wrapped came around so they could really TEACH IT A LESSON.

Why do you look down on fun, on happiness, on a CELEBRATION OF HUMAN SPIRIT? HAVE YOU NO SOUL?

I get that it’s like “cool” and “subversive” to judge and hate on stuff. But maybe get over it just this once. We’ve had a hard year.

I know that “social media” as a “thing” gets a lot of flak for ruining our lives, but I think at its core social media allows us to tell stories about ourselves and the people around us, and that’s good for us. All humans are storytellers, it’s a thing. We were story tellers when we couldn’t really speak and when we painted in caves and when we only had oral traditions and then we had the printing press and then came radio followed by TV and so on and so on. We will always find a new way to tell our stories and THAT IS NOT BAD. Social media lets ANYONE easily tell their story and have an audience, even if only one person sees it. If NO people see it and they’re just shouting into the void, THAT STILL HAS VALUE, as far as the human experience.

So let people have their Spotify Wrapped without fear of your rude, unnecessary, and irrelevant commentary, is what I’m saying. They’re not hurting anyone. And in addition to just tolerating it, I urge you to find in your heart the ability to RESPECT it, maybe even ENJOY it. It might make you glad. And less of a sad, disappointed, fun-ruining hater with no soul.

To help you get started, here is MY Spotify Wrapped Top Songs of 2020 playlist.


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