the salt box.

This past weekend I went home to visit my parents and we then drove two hours to visit my brother and his family. During this long and arduous journey we passed by a cute little spot called The Salt Box on 611 in Plumstead, PA.

Where is Plumstead, PA? It’s in Bucks County (don’t worry, as far as PA goes, they voted for the good of the US and the world). It’s also right across the Delaware River from NJ and close to my parents’ house SO I’M GOING BACK FOR MORE.

Is it actually in Doylestown? Maybe. I don’t know. They’re next to each other.

The Salt Box was a combo establishment, of hot pretzels and homemade ice cream. A sweet and salty snacking paradise, if you ask me. I really, REALLY want to try the ice cream so I’ll say it again, I’m going back for more.

But this time we only tried the pretzels.

We got a ton of regular pretzels but we also got an EVERYTHING pretzel. I enjoyed the everything pretzel but I do think the basic bitch pretzel kind are best. And they were still warm!

In addition to the ice cream I also didn’t get to try these BREAKFAST SANDWICHES ON A PRETZEL. HOLY &*$% I CAN’T BELIEVE IT YOU GUYS. They looked incredible. They were making all the fried egg parts on a little griddle. I need to go back for one of those too.

Overall the place was adorbs and had a cute little milk truck outside. A for show milk truck. A TO TAKE PICS OF MILK TRUCK.

They also did a good job keeping things socially distant, everyone was wearing masks and they had cute little pretzel illustrations on the floor.

All of the foods were protected by glass or plastic or whatever those clear divider surfaces are made of.

The Salt House was a delicious and fantastic Pennsylvania detour and I’m really happy about it.


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