vote early.

Yesterday afternoon I filled out my ballot and headed out into the autumn sunshine to vote early.

We have to vote early! I mean I don’t know if we HAVE to, but it certainly seems that we SHOULD. Our country is a garbage fire, and the one thing we may have a tiny bit of control over in order to change that, the 2020 Presidential Election, is less than a month away. LESS. THAN. A. MONTH.


If you aren’t registered to vote, in NJ you have until October 13 to do so. GO DO SO, DAMMIT.

Those of us who were already registered to vote in New Jersey have all been sent mail-in ballots without having to ask. This makes me happy because it was less effort for me, and I assume less effort for others who may be too lazy to even make the effort that I would certainly make but complain about it the whole time. If you were registered to vote, you were sent a ballot. They did the same thing with our primary earlier this year and it seemed to go smoothly.

The packet containing the ballot also included some other important info. Such as, we have drop-off boxes in Jersey City! You don’t have to use the mail! If you don’t like my photo you can find the list here.

I love the mail and fully support the USPS but too many seeds of mail suspicion have been planted and I don’t want to risk it. As in, I don’t want to use the mail and have them be like, “Oh we lost it because the mail ‘doesn’t work’ because ‘we said so.'” “Them” being the government. But like the lamest parts of the government that make up stories to get their way. That “them.” So I decided to take a walk to downtown Jersey City and drop it off at City Hall.

Along with the ballot came very detailed instructions on how to fill it out.


A co-worker also shared this earlier today, it’s some different ways that you CAN mess it up.


Unfortunately the mail-in ballots do not come with an “I Voted!” sticker, which is hands-down the best part of modern voting as we know it. Although I do love to go vote in person and take a little picture with my chosen voting day outfit on, my polling place is always out of stickers already, EVEN IF I GET THERE WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR OF VOTING. Either they’re lying to me or they’re messing with me and either way I don’t appreciate it.

Once you have dropped your ballot off in a drop box or (bravely) mailed it out, you can register to track it here:

That particular link is only for you if you live in NJ but other states have ’em too. Get signed up ASAP, so you’ll know if something goes wrong and can do your darnedest to fix it and get your vote counted. Mine already says “Received” and I only dropped it off yesterday! AND IT WAS A SUNDAY. Oh man am I high on the democratic process right now OR WHAT?!

I know that no one is really very excited about this. About our choice of candidates, or how it seems like everything will still suck either way, or the fact that we don’t know if our opinion even counts at all. But it’s worth a try, AND IT IS YOUR GOD DAMN CIVIC DUTY. So get out there, get your ballot, fill it out, put it in the box, and vote early. Then on actual election day you can hide in the privacy of your own home under a hastily constructed blanket fort with booze and snacks and try your best not to freak the heck out as you await the results.

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