hot goss.

Hey, hi what’s the hot goss?

JK don’t tell me I don’t care.

Do we really need to hot goss anymore? Is that really a thing? To try to sabatoge people with our words? To lie and exaggerate and slander with the intention of stirring up trouble? Because we’re bored and we’re boring and we have nothing better to do?

Oh we DO need to? Or I guess YOU need to. Yes, you. Hi, yes I see you, lurking there behind a plant on the Newark Ave Pedestrian Plaza with your metaphorical binoculars zoomed in on my cleavage and your metaphorical boom mic hanging over my head and your literal note pad as you take maniacal and exaggerated notes about every single thing I do and say. Preparing a full report because for you THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD.

Am I paranoid? Maybe. But should I be? Probably.

My mom always taught me not to talk about people. Like just don’t. It’s rude, it’s immature, it’s ridiculous. It changes nothing and gets you nowhere.

Oh, it allows you to occupy the “moral high ground?” Who gives a shit. “Morals” are subjective. Perception is reality. A system of worth based on “morals” is trash. A system of worth based on the judgements of the bored and boring is HOT FLAMING TRASH.

I will not have your (HOT FLAMING) trash dumped upon my head. I say this not because you have shamed me. This is not possible. I will not be shamed. I say this because you have annoyed me and I’m not going to stop living how I enjoy to live my life due to your commentary. You can suck it.

You, yes you, I’d like you to know that what you say DOES NOT MATTER because if you talk about me or my friends or my family or people who I like… I’m not listening. And equally as important, if my friends or my family or people who I like talk about YOU I’m ALSO not listening SO UR WELCOME.

I’ve done you that favor to set an example of the RIGHT WAY TO DO THINGS. Maybe one day you’ll catch up. Until then…I’m not listening. Bye.

*I wrote this one day when I was mad. Maybe it was over the summer? More gossipy stuff happens then. Maybe because everyone’s wearing less clothes and EVERYTHING IS SO SALACIOUS.

It’s often difficult to live in a small town that feels like a large town. Haha jkjk strike that, reverse it. Jersey City is the 2nd largest city in NJ and it often feels as small as my stupid small ass high school…but only if you let it! Hot goss is bad for communities. Just say no.

Either way I don’t even remember what this was about, like what was actually said that made me so annoyed and made a rant I wrote in my notes and found months later so necessary. So there ya go. NOT LISTENING, SUCKERRRRS.

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