harvest moon.

Last night I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t know why. I was like, half awake and something was bugging me, preventing me from sleeping.

I realized today it was the harvest moon, streaming in the window! Well, it was the ALMOST harvest moon because the actual harvest moon is happening tonight.

The harvest moon is always exciting because it’s a “fall thing” like pumpkin spice and Halloween and dancing naked around a fire in the woods with all of your best witch friends.

The harvest moon is just a full moon in the fall. That’s it. It’s a Farmer’s Almanac thing, which always impresses me because they made that shit up years ago before they even really knew about science. They definitely didn’t have the internet or even computers so I’m still not sure how they did it. I’m afraid to find out because it probably involved stupid math.

This particular moon is so incredibly full and bright that farmers can harvest their harvest by moonlight. Because we all know how long it takes to harvest a harvest and frankly there aren’t enough hours of daylight. Personally I’m exhausted from all of the harvesting I’ve already done today.

And because the harvest moon kept me awake last night.

I love animals and nature and shit and I’d like to say I know all about the moon but I actually know nothing about the moon. Any time a moon thing happens I have to look it up. I leave it to the moon professionals. It’s one of those things where there are too many specific facts to remember and I have no pneumonic device to grasp for so it just falls out of my brain. I DO remember the meaning of the harvest moon and “blue moon” though. AND THEY ARE PERHAPS THE MOST IMPORTANT MOON THINGS.

But I also don’t really have the authority to decide which moons things are most important because I don’t know anything about moon things.

Sorry I guess.

There was a time in my early 20s when the Neil Young song “Harvest Moon” would make me cry any time I heard it. I’m still not sure why. I think it felt nostalgic to me in some way, and it made me feel like I wanted to go back to the way something once was but I had moved too far into the future to ever go back. But as you may know the “things that once were” only become positive in your mind as you move away from them through time, and shit actually sucked back then.

That’s maybe too much thought to put into a song but here’s a remix I enjoy IMMENSELY, not for crying or even really thinking about at all, but for CELEBRATING.

Celebrating the harvest. Or whatever.

And the harvest moon.

Harvest moon happens tonight. Look up in the sky NOW. If you’re lazy or it’s cloudy, you’ll have the next day or two to get a peek. Mars is also hanging out next to it this year, looking for attention. JK sorry Mars I know you’re just living your life <sunglasses emoji>.

I just went outside to see it and I couldn’t see anything so…no pics. There was a pretty sunset though.

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