months and months of birchboxes.

I finally opened my months and months of Birchboxes on Saturday and I made this little timelapse.

See how sweaty I am at the end? Yeesh.

Just casually hanging out in a bridesmaid robe on a non-wedding Saturday afternoon. Also I’ve been wearing my glasses because I have allergies and I don’t want my eyes to take a turn into a dark unhealthy place where I can’t even get contacts in like they sometimes do. So I’ve been not wearing my contacts so I will be able to wear contacts and I HATE wearing glasses. They are ridiculous and uncomfortable and I have a terrible headache.

Moving along.

may birchbox.

This one was in a pretty blue box with flowers and very May-like. I’m most excited to try the ModelCo Instant Brows brow pencil. Because brows are everything. EVERYTHING.

june birchbox.

The June Birchbox came with a note that said, “Everybody needs you time. Indulge a little.”

As if I needed someone to tell me that.

The Amika Flash Instant Shine Mask is already one of my most fav products and I’m glad to have a travel size now! Amika has incred products and their branding has cute skeletons. I’m sold.

The Arrow BOOST Color Enhancing Lip Balm is a Birchbox OG classic as far as I know and I’m never mad about getting one. I always, ALWAYS need another lip balm because I lose them and/or leave them in a purse and forget about them. I’m only human.

july birchbox.

All I have to say about this is look at this THICC AF MASCARA FROM STILA. Yes it’s everything I needed to freshen up my makeup bag for the fall.

august birchbox.

More Amika in the August box! Hooray! I also love that this box has a hand sanitizer AND a hand moisturizer because at this point one 100% needs both.

And now I feel immensely relieved for resolving the Birchbox backlog that has been hanging over my head for months. Whew.

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