making friendship bracelets is knitting for summer.

I love summer. I love knitting. But you can’t really knit in summer because it’s too damn hot to have all that itchy yarn all over you. Luckily I have recently discovered that making friendship bracelets is knitting for summer.

Now I can make fun colorful creations for myself and for my friends! I can wear my own creations and I can give creations to my friends and they will feel obligated to wear them because I made them and they don’t want to hurt my feelings! Also the rule with friendship bracelets is that you never take them off UNTIL THEY FALL OFF. So guess what friends I’TS TIME TO STRAP IN.

When I was a kid the “cool” slightly older girl kids at the community pool all sat in a circle on their thick, fluffy name-brand towels and constructed friendship bracelets all day. I’m at a loss regarding which verb word to choose to use to describe the creation of a friendship bracelet. It’s sometimes “braiding” but not always. Maybe “weaving”? I guess I’ll stick to “constructing” for now.

The cool girl friendship bracelet making fluffy towel circle at the local community pool was everything I wanted to be but knew I probably never would. It required a large plastic box with different compartments where embroidery thread, safety pins, ribbon, and even some beads were stored.

I was correct and I never obtained this box as a child. But two summers ago I got one for myself on Amazon BECAUSE I’M A GROWN ASS WOMAN THAT NEEDS TO CREATE FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS. I subsequently did not use this box or anything in it until a couple of weeks ago.

It was very dusty when I took it out.

After I blew the dust off I got to work! At first I could only braid, like with 3 strands. Just a basic braid, you guys. I watched some YouTube vids but I’ve never had luck learning from those, I think I need to learn in person.

One day at the beach I sat down and I summoned the brain of my ten year old self and suddenly a pattern came to me. It shot right out of my brain down my arms and into my hands. I was able to make a pattern with 5 strings! One that I had learned as a kid. It was very exciting!

I told anyone that would listen that it was “an exciting brain teaser challenge.” I am so annoying.

The biggest perk of knitting is that it relieves anxiety. It really, truly does. I started to do it at the suggestion of a therapist and I never stopped. It’s very soothing to do a repetitive activity with your hands while your head just zones out. I’m so glad it works for me because it is VERY HARD for me to “zone out” without assistance. Medical/pharmaceutical or fiber based assistance.

And creating friendship bracelets relieves anxiety in the same way! So I plan to take my little plastic box of thread and friendship bracelet accouterments everywhere. Like why the hell not at this point.

Do you like making friendship bracelets? Can you teach me any new patterns? LMK thx.

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