target brought out the school supplies.

You guys, Target brought out the school supplies.

Already! This is an end of summer signal! Please say it’s not true!

Okay maybe it. can be true. As much as I love summer, I ALSO LOVE SCHOOL SUPPLIES.

I was walking around Target on Wednesday and as I approcahed the seasonal area i was wondering like, “hmmm what’s gonna be in the seasonal area?” As I turned the corner I saw bright yellow….like a school bus…LIKE BACK TO SCHOOL.

I ran on over to check it out. At first it was just the regular classic colored notebooks and folders.

Which like, these are fine. I’d even use these and they even still excite me.

But then.


There were unicorns and glitter and flowers and fun colors and also PIZZA all over the place!

This is the stuff that REALLY CALLS TO ME. And by “calls to me” I mean it says, “BUY ME.”

It was the hardest struggle of my life, but I didn’t buy any, and I’m proud! The truth is, I don’t need any school supplies because I’m not in school. I do like writing in journals and I have enough of those for now. We have enough pens around the house that we’ve taken from local restaurants. I don’t need to get them at Target.

EVEN IF I WANT TO, because look at these they are pens IN A STRAW SHAPE! I was going to say “pens that are also a straw” but looking back I don’t think the straw part of it was functional. As a straw.

Just a pen.


I can only hope that in a couple of weeks the stuff will go on sale and it would just be a bad idea NOT to buy it. It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

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