902 brewing.

On Sunday I went to 902 Brewing with some pals and I’m pretty sure we liked it.

It was too hot to live on Sunday but I had made a commitment to check out 902 Brewing and I needed to stay true to myself and the rigorous social schedule I impose upon myself at all times. I even had to wear a beach hat to a non-beach location to shade my fair face from the sweltering sun.

I’m about to get really Jersey City-specific but 902 Brewing was kind of hard to find. It’s by the Garfield Light Rail stop, in the sense that you can see the Garfield Light Rail stop from there, but it would prob take like 10 minutes to walk over, if you took the light rail.

It’s actually walkable (and not by my usual insane “walkable” standards, just by normal person standards) from my home on The Hill. I didn’t walk though because I was so hot.

I was so incredibly hot.

They have a really nice space inside and I’m excited to go back there in the distant future when we are once again permitted to hang out indoors. As I was looking around I said out loud, to no one, “I haven’t been to a brewery in SO LONG!”

As if I haven’t not been ANYWHERE in so long. Quick eye roll at myself. Back to work.

I chose the Chilltown Crusher pilsner lager and it was fab. I’ve been drinking almost exclusively pilsners and lagers in my old age, I can’t really take the intensity of an IPA anymore. It was good! My pal chose a flight which I think was very wise and I do regret not flight-ing but I can’t win them all.

After we grabbed our drinks we set off on a precarious journey up many stairs. The stairs were the only downfall. For whatever ridiculous reason I live in constant fear of getting hurt so it honestly made me scared to climb these stairs in a long skirt while holding a beer. The long skirt was my own fault though. And the stairs weren’t any more scary than other stairs. It’s just me that was scared of the stairs.

This is a me problem.

Once safely on the roof the view was awesome! I was kind of surprised, because it’s a short building, but luckily there aren’t many other buildings around it and there are no taller buildings blocking the view straight through Liberty State Park. You can see the skyline! Not sure how long that view will last but it was nice to soak it up while it’s there.

At some point they came and checked in on us and we ordered more drinks and that was great too. β€œThey” meaning the employees who were very sweet and hospitable. This meant I didn’t have to go down and back up the stairs I was clearly terrified of. We stayed for a few drinks and enjoyed the view and then we were on our merry way.

I would suggest that you check out 902 Brewing for yourselves. It’s located at 101 Pacific Ave in Jersey City, and they’re open W-F 3-10pm, Saturday 12-10pm, and Sunday 12-6pm. Maybe I’ll see you there. Be careful on the stairs.

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