this is the most i have ever thought about germs.

I was thinking the other day and I think this, the time we are living in, is the most I have ever thought about germs. Like in my entire life. I simply was 100% not thinking about germs before, and I’m only realizing that now.

I won’t say that I’m proud or not proud of this, I feel pretty neutral about it. I’m just saying that I never thought about germs before and now I do. Due to COVID-19, if you’re aware of what that is.

First of all, I never carried around hand santizer in my bag. There isn’t enough room and it dries out my hands. Also someone once told me it gives people a “false sense of security” and that made me fully eschew it all togetrher. I didn’t have time for it. I didn’t need it and I didn’t care.

I would take a squirt of the san if someone else offered, but mostly to save face in a social situation. People that DO think about germs a lot are VERY AWARE of others around them that are germ-oblivious. I was in tune with that and obviously tried to play it cool.

The need to use hand sanitizer only arose only after petting zoos. You may think I’m saying that like petting zoos are a regular occurrence in my life and you would be right. I’m proud and lucky to report that I enjoy and regularly frequent petting zoos. Maybe you should look into it, they’re great for the soul.

Petting zoo.

As far as washing my hands before I ate at a restaurant? No that never happened. I got right off the subway, right into the restaurant, and right to stuffing food in my face. Not a single drop of soap or warm water ever intervened. Until I took a shower. The next morning.

Speaking of subways yes I am one of those people who eats on the subway. Always have. Maybe always will? Once things settle down…I hope.

I have eaten pizza and burritos and straight up tuna salad sandwiches on the subway/PATH train. It’s like, I’m hungry and I want to eat. This food isn’t hurting anyone, even if it smells weird. Either way I’m over it, and I’m eating it.

Even more intense is that I often sat on the subway floor and ate food. These were wild times and I wouldn’t do it now because I don’t want anyone to bother me and ask me what the hell I’m doing but I won’t say I regret it. Sometimes the subway floor is the only place to sit, and you’ll straight up fall if you try to stand AND hold on to the pole AND eat a tuna salad sandwich.

You thought the floor thing couldn’t get any worse but I also eat on the airport floor. That’s something I’ve done within the last 8 months. I’ve also taken a nap on an airport floor in Las Vegas, Augusta, Fayetteville, Corpus Christi, and Austin. Maybe other places too.

Sometimes the floor is all we have. I’m a floor person and it’s my favorite place to be. Nice and flat. I’m more comfortable on the floor. I’m laying on the floor right now.

Anyway there were germs all over these floors! Right? There were germs then and there are still germs now. And the difference now is that I am thinking about them. I am thinking about the germs every second of the day.

Personally I’m very malleable when it comes to any kind of social propaganda. Like tell me something is “the right thing to do” enough times and I’ll definitely start to believe it and learn it and live it and LOVE IT. This is what has happened to me with the whole, “COVID-19 is everywhere you’re gonna die if you don’t wash and sanitize your hands all day long and you’re a bad citizen if you even THINK about touching your face. PS you’re def gonna die.”

So now I think about germs all day every day. This is the most I have ever thought about germs. I wasn’t thinking about them at all before. I just wanted you to know that.

You’re welcome.

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