fire escape pool.

Today I made a fire escape pool. Don’t worry, it’s temporary. But it’s still a pool.

I have, procured from Amazon and in my possession, a small pool for large dogs.

Not unlike a large dog, when it’s too hot to live outside I like to have some water to just lay in. A brief aquatic reprieve from the relentless elements.

It me.

If I’m outside trying to get tan, and it’s over 82 degrees, it will be a little TOO HOT to sit outside without a pool and I will immediately need a pool or other (clean, the Hudson doesn’t count, even though I actually think it’s okay in a science way) water source nearby.

These ice cubes melted fast.

In Van Vorst, Hamilton, and Newport Green Parks, there are playgrounds with water features. It’s questionable how “appropriate” it is for a grown up woman in a bikini to run over into a playground and under a water feature to frolic among children, but do you really care?

These water features are a life saver for when it’s super hot, just for a quick rinse then back to the towel/blanket/park punch. I’m so glad those parks have them. I’ll never stop being glad about it.

Oh fire escape pool, you’re so silly.

Oh man I just remembered, Berry Lane Park has playground water features too, yesssss. These are actually better because they’re adjacent to the playground but not IN the playground. Okay I admit it’s creepy going into the playground but it’s a chance I take when I’m desperate to cool off.

So this is how I made the fire escape pool:

  • Lay down outdoor mat on fire escape.
  • Set up pool.
  • Fill pool. Obtain water by going back and forth from your sink with a large pot until it’s half full.
  • Put 2 or more trays of ice cubes in the pool.
  • Put an ice pack underneath the pool.
  • Set up a towel by the pool that indicates that the pool is a pool.
  • Enjoy.

Do you also enjoy makeshift pools? Backyard pools? Fire escape pools? Lmk.

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