i love betty on hbo.

I love Betty on HBO. And don’t worry, they just got renewed for a 2nd season.

Why do I love Betty on HBO? You may be aware that I have always been a huge fan of skateboarding and folks that skateboard. Like since birth. Or at least since I could comprehend other people doing sports that I would never, ever be brave enough to do.

I was never coordinated or athletic, and as a kid I mostly wanted to read books, so I never really took an opportunity to learn this skill I so admired. I chose to just creepily stare at other people doing it. Just bein’ a lurker. Really great at lurking.

I’m sorry, I can’t not.

I’ve always been amazed/enthralled/obsessed with feats of physical prowess and for whatever reason watching people skateboard was always at the top of my list. As a kid I would watch dudes skateboarding, totally entranced. I didn’t know if I wanted to make out with them or if I wanted to BE them.

I definitely wanted to make out with them.

But maybe it was a little bit of both.

These days I still get pretty hypnotized watching. The very sound of polyurethane wheels on pavement makes my ears perk up and demands my immediate attention. It’s difficult for me to triangulate where the sound is coming from because I’m deaf in one ear, but I still try to catch a glimpse even if it means spinning around in a circle until I see where I can find them.

On Betty the CHICKS do the skateboarding, and I definitely want to be them, although it’s not my style to make out with other gals so we’ll keep it to just the “being them” and not making out with them, as far as I’m concerned.

I love to see gals being pals and having fun and supporting each other. And also being athletes! And telling dudes to STFU! Last summer (omg were they shooting last summer I BET THEY WERE), I saw Nina Moran (HOLY SHIT SHE HAS A TED TALK?!), who plays “Kirt” on the show, by the Flatiron Building during my lunch break and I was like omgomgomg. Her character is goofy but I think she’s my fav. She always wears tie-dye and shorts and even though she has more of a masculine style vibe she always wears fun dangly earrings and bright colors. I couldn’t bring myself to be like “Hey! I love you! And Skate Kitchen! And gals supporting gals! And Intersectional Feminism! Please be my best friend!” so I just kind of stared. Even though the actors/characters are a century younger than me, I kind of look up to them.

Okay, I definitely look up to them. They all wear fun clothes and are bold and confident and they run around NYC and make it their bitch. Betty is inspired/kind of an extension of Skate Kitchen, which is also amazing GO WATCH IT.

What really struck me about Betty at first, and what continues to mesmerize me, is that they are romping around in what appears to be an NYC summer that never ends. It’s always warm, the leaves are green, they go to a public pool, and there is even a surprise thunderstorm where they have to run inside and hide in a bodega.

Relatable AF.

We started watching the show during social distancing, and it provided a much needed escape. I jumped right into their world and for 30 minutes pretended to be a late teens/early twenties-something, with no work and no school, FREE TO RUN AROUND IN THE OUTDOORS with my pals and bask under green leaves in eternal sunshine.

I don’t know, I just really like it. You should like it too. GO WATCH NOW K THX.

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