microneedling at home.

It seems fun to stick with a two days long theme so I’m going to tell you about another self care needle activity you can do trapped inside your house. And that is microneedling at home.

WTF is microneedling? I honestly have no idea, but it’s one of those words that sounds fancy and fashionable and EFFECTIVE. Because BEAUTY IS PAIN and NEEDLES EQUAL PAIN so this shit WILL WORK.

At least I hope so.

I ordered this little at home microneedling rolly thing from Grace and Stella. This store came out of nowhere and I think was in my Gmail ads. Like the things on top of your emails that aren’t actually emails and they say “Ad” next to them. Because they are ads.

My Gmail knows me better than anyone, even my own mother, so it knew that if it showed me this particular ad for this particular product that I WOULD click this ad and I WOULD purchase the product being sold by this ad. Does this sound like Rehoboam to you? That’s because it is. Google is Rehoboam, you heard it here first.

So this microneedling at home rolly thing (it’s called a “dermaroller”) arrived at my home and I was pumped to check it out. Just like with any facial skincare thing, I was also nervous. The skin on your face is sensitive AF (according to science) and when you’ve found a good balance for it through products and sleeping and drinking water and shit, it’s scary to throw something else into the mix that may tip the scale back to shittier skin.

When I opened the package it was like, “soak the needle thing in alcohol first.” So first, I soaked the needle thing in alcohol for 5 minutes.

Following the alcohol soaking sesh, I then rolled it on my face back and forth in different directions. I was afraid it would hurt but it didn’t – it was just like a tingly prickle. “Tingly prickle” sounds freaky but that’s what it was. Deal with it.

Afterward, I applied the hyaluronic acid that came with the rolly thing. This seemed like a good deal but they could have just tricked me with marketing. It happens again and again.

The instructions said not to wear makeup for 24 hours so I didn’t. Yesterday it was really humid and my face did get a little irritated when I was walking outside and got that disgusting sweaty sheen that happens on humid days, but it feels fine today!

I’m not sure it really did anything, but I think this may be something I have to do a few times to see results. The result I desire is blasting my forehead wrinkles off my face. Soon I’ll try Botox for that, but not yet.

Have you tried microneedling at home? Did I even do it right?

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