janedo may challenge.

Here we go, it’s the JaneDO May Challenge! The JaneDO May Challenge actually started on May 1 so we’re 7 days in. We are a week in. I really put off writing about this and instead sat on my couch and watched The Sopranos. I couldn’t muster the mental strength to put pen to paper, or whatever.


But I AM going strong! From a physical perspective yes, very strong. The challenge is to do 21 classes with JaneDO in 31 days. You have the whole month of May to do it! I’m actually going to try to do a class every day of the 31 days because there is LITERALLY NOTHING ELSE TO DO. But first I need to get to 21. Let’s focus on that.

The JaneDO May Challenge simply consists of marking off each day you attend a class on a cute little bingo board. To participate in the challenge you can obtain a bingo board at any JaneDO location.


They’re actually doing a virtual bingo board this year and I am PUMPED. I usually lose my board at least once and I always forget to bring it to class like…every day. So the virtual board is really working out better for me overall. Maybe it should always be virtual?! Save the trees?!

Virtual board, FOREVAAAA.

To do a livestream class with JaneDO and start checking shit off on your card, check this out: JaneDO Livestream

The JaneDO May Challenge has been going on for a few years. The first time I participated was in May 2016. As you may be aware, 2016 was a big year for me as far as getting healthy and getting my shit together. So I really enjoyed this challenge as a final “do the right thing” boost before the summer came and it was time to party.

The past few years the prize for completing the challenge has been a branded tank top. I love a branded tank top! I ESPECIALLY love a branded tank top with a date on it that references the current date of now. So 5 or 10 or 37 years from now one can look at that tank top and be like, “Yeah!” Kinda like how I look at my t-shirt from cheering at the Insight Bowl in 2005 which as of today was 52 years ago.

Last year it may have been something that wasn’t a branded tank top but I’m having trouble remembering. I did fail at one challenge recently in January because I got sick and maybe I failed last year in May as well. You can’t win them all, you guys. As much as I would like to be an unstoppable workout machine it doesn’t seem like that’s in the cards. In the Bingo cards, specifically.

That’s all I got. Are you doing any fun fitness challenges? Any fun other challenges? Are you just taking naps all day and accomplishing nothing? I read that’s okay too.

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