press-on nails vol. 2 – pedicure edition.

During this terrible time in world history, one of our greatest challenges is dealing with the closure of nail salons. This closure happened RIGHT at the beginning of pedicure season and the situation is DIRE. So I have resorted to using press-on pedicures because I refuse to paint on anything.

I can’t deal with the painting on.


The press-on pedicure I used for this post, which is still on my feet TWO WEEKS after applying it, was purchased at Target. It’s a Kiss product. They really have a hold on the press-on stuff market. But I’ve tried some other brands too, which I will tell you about another day.

To get started on this at home pedicure, I first applied a Dr. Foot foot mask from Grace and Stella.

I had no expectations for this foot mask, because I got it for free when I ordered some eye pads I still haven’t used. It’s usually sold for $20 so I was glad to get something like that for free. I mean come on.

You apply Dr. Foot to your feet and then put some socks on over him and you sit around for a while. I think at least an hour but I already forgot.

When you take the mask off, you don’t see much. Your feet are still there, and they look the same. BUT over the next couple of days your feet start to shed rough skin and it flakes off all over the place. Yes that is gross AF and I’m sorry. But it also means that this mask is KILLIN IT. And in time your feet will be softer and better.

Mine are ALMOST FULLY softer and better and this was two weeks ago. The effects last for LITERAL WEEKS. I just ordered another one today because it was definitely worth $20.

Okay enough about the foot mask. Next up I glued on the nails! Each fake nail has a little tab at the top so you can place it on your nail and not get glue all over your life. Which is the worst.

Once it’s firmly glued on you can remove the little tab. Once you remove the tabs, BOOM! Pedicure!

I did still end up getting glue on my life. Also this is terrible lighting.

The one thing I didn’t love about these is the glue tube. It’s not the best way to deliver the glue, and if you need to do touch ups later on, glue in a tube is harder to use after it’s been opened. The first press on manicure I did had stickers already on the nails that worked pretty well. I wish they all had that.

I’d recommend a press-on pedicure! Just because these are desperate times. I’d give this a 3 out of 5 compared to an actual pedicure. The first press-on manicure I did had me thinking I might never go get my nails painted again, but I do think a pedicure is best done by a professional. I can’t wait to get back into that massage chair with a magazine.

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