it’s earth day and i miss the earth.

Today is Earth Day and I MISS THE EARTH.

Going to add some photos of the earth and me enjoying it.

I miss the earth because I’m trapped inside and also trapped in a city and I can’t get to my most favorite parts of the earth and it is KILLING ME.

My apartment doesn’t count as “the earth.” My street doesn’t count as “the earth.” EVEN THIS CITY DOESN’T COUNT AS “THE EARTH” BECAUSE ALL OF THE GOD DAMN PARKS ARE CLOSED. OMG ALL THE STATE PARKS ARE CLOSED TOO. I’M GONNA LOSE IT.

A state park that’s closed πŸ˜”

The best parts of the earth are the emptiest parts. The emptiest of people, that is. A space almost completely devoid of humanity, is where i want to be. Currently I’m stuck in a highly populated part and I can’t escape. I really would like to return home to the forest of my origin but I am afraid to put my parents in danger. So I have to stay HERE.

I look mad but I still like it.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go out and protest this like a moron. It’s INSANE that there are people doing that. I realize that these restrictions on the earth are necessary to keep us safe and we have to follow them and bla bla bla. BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN THEY DON’T FREAKIN SUCK.

But alas, there is also some information out there that indicates the earth is much better off without me. And without you. AND WITHOUT EVERYONE. Like these maps are nuts to see. The earth is doing much better without us out there. But I still miss the earth.

I love Earth Day, and I get pumped about it every year. But this year it’s making me feel more depressed. Because everything I’m missing out on makes me feel more and more depressed. Basically FOMO is my least favorite thing in the entire world and OUR ENTIRE LIVES HAVE BECOME FOMO AND IT IS UNBEARABLE.


I want to go outside and be among the trees and the waterfalls and the mountains and lakes and rivers and all the other good stuff. Maybe I’m being a wimp by not leaving my house except to get groceries or sit on the stoop and read a book. I also don’t have a car so there isn’t anything to take me anywhere. I don’t know, I’m just really sad about the whole thing.

Either way, I wish a happy day to this lovely gal we call the earth. I love her, I miss her, and my dreams are full of wishes for the day we meet again.


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