4/20 was a holiday.

Yesterday was 4/20. In days gone by, 4/20 was a holiday. (Sorry, I meant to post this yesterday.)

4/20 was a holiday when I was a student at Rutgers University (ever heard of it?). It was a very important holiday because it celebrated an activity we spent a great deal of our time participating in. I mean I don’t know how else to describe it.

On 4/20 my junior year of college, 2006, we had BIG PLANS. We woke up early and took showers and got dressed. I know I wore a favorite outfit but now I don’t recall exactly what that outfit was. But I do know that it was important that I wear a “good” outfit because WE WERE GOING TO THE BIG CITY.

Oh yes, we were gonna hop on that Northeast Corridor NJ Transit train and take it right to heaven itself. It was a Thursday, so of course we planned to skip all of our classes. But that was okay because C’s get degrees. Or sometimes D’s because I def never got better than a D in Topics in Math for the Liberal Arts.

Once we arrived on the island of Manhattan, we took full advantage of the beautiful spring day. It was super sunny and unseasonably warm. We “hung out” in both Bryant and Central Parks. We took a boat ride in Central Park, which I had never done before and haven’t done since. There was a pink tree with pink flowers and the flowers blew off the tree and swirled around us in the boat in a swirly pink cloud and it felt like we were inside of a cartoon.

Maybe we WERE inside of a cartoon.

I just wanted to share that at one time, 4/20 was a holiday. For me, at least. It’s not one for me anymore but that doesn’t mean I like HATE it or anything. I just don’t have the energy to celebrate it, honestly. I support it, but I can’t contribute to it right now.

Did you celebrate 4/20, this year or in the past? What do you like to do on this day? Where do you like to go? What do you like to wear?

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