rooftop ballerina.

I really don’t have much to say lately because I’m stuck inside and depressed AF. But here is me as a rooftop ballerina last weekend.

I’m a terrible dancer and that includes ballet but I’ve always loved a tutu.

And I will continue to wear tutus in perpetuity. They aren’t just for ballerinas. Or children.

No bra is cool right now, but no bra is ALWAYS cool for me. Deal w it.

In my morbid state of mind I may go as far to say I should be buried in a tutu.

This is the most fun I’ve ever had with the iPhone portrait feature.

Although I will be referring to my burial that happens at least 100 years from now.

Because before I get buried in a tutu, I want to be an alive and well old ass bitch running around the town in a tutu.


It’s the only way.

Happy rooftop ballerina Saturday.

Ugh now I have to go back downstairs into my house cage.

Or whatever.

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