my first audible experience.

I’m currently involved in my first Audible experience. I don’t mean the first experience I can hear, I mean Audible like the app. Get it together.

Never before have I listened to an audiobook. I love to read! But it’s really hard for me to listen to something with no visual aid and actually retain the information. When I’m ONLY listening, my mind wanders and I can’t focus. I kind of suck at listening to podcasts as well.

I am sorry.

We have a book club at work with some work gals and our next book to discuss is Little Fires Everywhere. I tried to order it on Amazon on Sunday (for next day delivery) and Amazon was like, “Are you insane? Do you even know what is going on in the world? Yeah this book won’t be there for two weeks, psycho.”

Our meeting to discuss the book is this coming Saturday, so I had to act fast! I downloaded the book from Amazon to Audible, and it was actually free because it was my first. Hooray!

This is Audible.

I took some time to brainstorm about what I could do while listening to keep my mind from wandering. Adult coloring seemed like a good idea but that requires a number of supplies and starts to hurt my neck from hunching over. I settled on knitting.

During this quarantine I have been working on a random thing made out of yarn that isn’t really a “project”…it’s just a means to calm myself. I had a bunch of light gray yarn I wasn’t doing anything with so I just started garter stitching it back and forth, back and forth. And now it’s just a slab of knitting that’s probably good for nothing.

But it serves a purpose!

Back to Audible, I think it’s okay so far. The knitting while listening is helping to keep me focused. I like how you can speed up the voices to go a little faster to get this show on the road already. Or slower… if you’re into slow voices. The woman reading this book has a really annoying voice, which is unforgivable. But I deal with it. Because I like the book!

The book is very, very good. But I wish I could read an actual book before bed so I don’t have to use electronics for an hour before I sleep. I wish I could hold it and smell it and be with it in person. But there isn’t anything I can be in person with these days.

There are some features on Audible I’m sure I’m not aware of, so I’m going to continue to explore! I think it’s okay so far…I just love physical books. But maybe I need to grow up already.

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  1. I’m having the same problem. I need books to get lost in. No librarys no books! I’ve been surviving with e-books from the Hunterdon library. They also have the ones that are read to you but forget it, I’ve been tying my own shoes for too long. It could be De fucking Niro and I’d still get up and wander off. My phone is a poor substitute for holding a book, but I guess it’s Reading In The Time of CORONA

  2. Welcome to Audible! It’s pretty great. On the home screen, find “Audible Stories” which are free for now. You can list to ALL of the Harry Potter books for free, which is pretty awesome…if you’re into that kind of thing.

    Next time you need a book, try Part of the money goes to a local bookstore. If there aren’t any super near you, it would likely default to one in Manhattan.

    This new site for Audio books splits profits with local bookstores:

    I know I need to read this book – trying to decide if I can fit it in before I watch the series on Hulu. 🙂

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