quarantine has ruined my skin: a rebuttal.

There’s all kinds of junk going around the Internet that’s like, “OMG quarantine made my skin BEAUTIFUL! WOW!” But I’m here today to say my name is Shannon and quarantine has ruined my skin.


I’m not really sure why. I’m going to try to figure it out while I sit here and do this mask.

skin care.

I’ve been keeping up with my same skin care regimen since October, and it was working really well so I don’t think that could be it. I actually got to a place where I felt like, “omg my skin looks great!” For like 5 months. That’s over now. Quarantine has ruined my skin.

My skin care regimen contains prescription products from the dermatologist that have strong chemicals in them I guess. BUT I LOVE CHEMICALS THEY ARE DELICIOUS.

I got this mask for like a dollar at Target.


Everyone’s all like, “OMG I don’t have to wear makeup!” Okay first of all, no one told you that you HAVE to wear makeup during regular world times when you can actually leave your house. You don’t have to! I’m telling you right now you’re allowed to go outside without makeup ALL THE TIME! You can do it! I believe in you!

Personally, I love wearing makeup. I love the ritual and the artistry. I love looking at myself in the mirror, it’s kind of like a meditation. I don’t know, I love it. But I haven’t been doing my makeup every day in these quarantine times because makeup is expensive and it feels like a waste to just wear it and stare at my computer all day.

I HAVE done my makeup when I take pictures or do Zooms with friends or presentations for work. AND THOSE HAVE BEEN THE BEST DAYS.

Back to the skin, is my skin mad at me for NOT wearing makeup? Or not wearing it for a while and then wearing it again? Just an adjustment period? If so, I’ll wear makeup every day to get things back to normal.


I always eat a lot of snacks and I eat unhealthy sugar and salt and no vegetables on a normal day. During the quarantine I have been eating so much candy and ice cream I don’t even know what to do. Honestly I always eat a lot of candy though. But maybe it’s been too much candy for my skin to handle. And not enough vegetables. But like I NEVER eat vegetables. Ugh this is a hard one. Either way quarantine has ruined my skin.

Thinking about more candy.


Is it the lack of direct sunlight? I haven’t been going outside at all, just sitting by my window. I feel weird going outside, I don’t want to wear a mask or cover my face because it makes my face hot, and my boyfriend keeps trying to scare me and saying people get shot every day in my neighborhood. (People do get shot every day in my neighborhood Cool. Awesome. Great.)

But maybe my skin needs direct sunlight to survive. Protected by sunscreen of course, you guys! Fingers crossed sunscreen will also protect me from getting shot. JK I’ll just keep hiding inside.

naps, and other ways of resting my head.

Like most of us I have been taking more naps. Since I’m at home, when I have down time or break time I’m like “well I’m bored as shit so I guess I’ll sleep it off.” Something with just laying my head and face on a pillow a lot I think is making me break out.

I also have noticed that I’m leaning my face on my hand when I do stuff on the computer or read a book. I never do this under regular circumstances. At my desk at work I’m very careful to not touch my face, and I usually read laying on my back so my head is already rested. What am I doing?! Why am I putting my hands all over my face all of sudden?! Is it because I feel like I CAN because I’ve been inside and haven’t touched any COVID-19 germs?! I hate it.

That’s all I got. If you have any ideas about why I’m the only person that has bad skin from quarantine plz let me know. If quarantine has ruined your skin as well, also plz let me know so I have a friend and we’re in this together. Thanks, thanks.

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