kindbody virtual retreat.

On Saturday afternoon I attended some of the Kindbody Virtual Retreat because I am desperate to hang out with other people somewhere that isn’t my house, even if that space is VIRTUAL.

I have attended a 101 info session at Kindbody in Flatiron NYC before, and I took a ton of notes, but I haven’t written a post about it yet because it was so much info. I wanted to make sure I got all of it right and I kept putting it off and putting it off and now that info happened over a month ago when the world ysed to be normal.

But I’ll write a post about it soon.

THIS post is about the Kindbody Virtual Retreat. It was on Saturday 4/4/20 and it was located on my bed.

Here are the speakers that came to the party:

sarah krish.

I missed the beginning of the retreat, so I missed the “Guided Meditation and Intention Setting” with Sarah Krish. I looked up “Sarah Krish” and that link came up and it seems like it’s her so I’m gonna go ahead and say she’s the gal.

It would have been great to be there for this part. I’m usually not a meditator because I can’t sit still and stop thinking, or think about just ONE thing, ever. But recently I’ve had so much time on my hands and I’ve thought about using some of that time to get better at meditation. I guess Saturday wasn’t the day for it though. Sorry, Sarah.

julie morris.

I jumped into the virtual retreat halfway through Julie Morris‘s session. She spoke about foods and different kinds of foods that are good for us and can also relieve stress and inflammation while we live through one of the worst times of our collective lives.

As food folks always do, she brought up fermented food and medicinal mushrooms as like, “healthy” stuff to eat with “benefits.” Both of those things are gonna be a hard “no” from me, Jules.

But she also talked about chia seeds…and I’m a huge, HUGE fan of chia seeds. Chia seeds are literally the only food that has ever made me feel full and satiated in the history of time. And this feeling of wholesome fullness lasts up to 4 hours which was PREVIOUSLY UNHEARD OF. Basically I need to eat like every 45 minutes on a normal day. But chia seeds help me go far beyond that. They put the super in superfood. They are the only superfood, pretty much.

All of the gals in the questions section were like, “OMG HOW DO I NOT GAIN ONE MILLION POUNDS DURING THIS QUARANTINE I JUST WANT TO EAT EVERYTHING WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!” Which like, been there. Pretty much still there. But our girl Julie came through with a BADASS reminder and that was, “Chocolate is good for stress and it keeps you happy and helps you relax.” THERE IT IS. IT IS SCIENCE. I WILL BE OVER HERE “RELAXING” WITH MY CHOCOLATE.

View from the retreat.

She also reminded us that it’s only dark chocolate that’s actually good for you. But that’s good enough for now.

Another thing she brought up was lemons and like, what lemons can do for you in the morning if you put them in your drinking water. I don’t speak of such things. But I will say that she mentioned quarantine time would be a good time to try it since you’re at home by your bathroom and you won’t have to commute. That’s all I’ll say. K next.

molly hayward.

Molly Hayward is the founder of Cora and Molly Hayward’s hair looked amazing. I hate to say that because I don’t want it to take away from what she spoke about, but it looked AWESOME.

Ignore my dirty screen HOW FUN IS THIS HAIR?! 😍

Besides the hair, Molly shared a lot of good info about periods and getting them and tracking them and knowing stuff about them. I have an IUD so I haven’t had a period in over a year, and although I don’t miss it I did have a little bit of FOMO when she was talking about all of the different ways we can track it and also make it suck less.

She even has a whole entire guide about having a better period on her website Blood and Milk, it’s called “Your Guide to a Better Period.”

A common theme that has come up more than once both of the times I have attended Kindbody events is that we are taught how NOT to get pregnant in school. Like they REALLY drive that one home, how to prevent it. But they didn’t teach us much about how to get pregnant if we WANT to, and they definitely didn’t teach us about getting our periods as part of a bigger cycle. I mean I didn’t learn much about that. It was just, “you get your period every 28 days, bye.” Maybe it was because I fell asleep in health class though.

Either way, the guide Molly provided was really great and you should give it a click.

molly sims and dr. meredith brower.

After the other Molly, Molly Sims came out of nowhere and I was like whaaaaat? I remember her from House of Style! MTV? Anyone? Ugh I loved House of Style BRING IT BACK.

Molly and Dr. Brower talked a bunch about fertility testing and egg harvesting and IVF, as well as their personal experiences with all of those things. It really was super interesting and informative but again it was a ton of info so I’ll tell you about it all another time I swear.

After this session I got a call from a pal and my support was needed so I left the retreat. Sometimes I talk on the phone socially if it’s VERY IMPORTANT. Please keep the NECESSARY LEVEL OF IMPORTANCE IN MIND.

I missed the following speakers, but I’m sure they rocked!: Dr. Lauren Arena, Dani Pascarella, and Lori Bregman.

Overall the Kindbody Virtual Retreat was pretty cool and I’d totally go again. I would go to a retreat that literally any other company held as well. I will go anywhere and try anything virtually right now. My brain is desperate for stimulation. I’ve used the word “desperate” more than once to describe my mind/brain but that’s pretty much the only fitting word right now.

K see ya later.

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