the census entertained me for 10 mins.

Today was April 1. According to a ton of random stores, companies, and politicians I get emails from, it was also Census Day 2020. I was led to believe that participating in the census was the “right thing to do,” so I hit the internet and the census entertained me for 10 minutes.

The census can be found at

I have no idea why the census is important and I didn’t look it up. I was just made to feel like I SHOULD do it so whatever marketing tactics people used to get that into my brain worked. They succeeded at their jobs and I’m proud of them.

The census just asked me who lives at my house and who those people are. Pretty straightforward because it’s only me.

They also asked me WHAT KIND OF WHITE I am, which I’ve never ever been asked in an official government document before so I was curious why they asked. On the census, you check off “white” then you have to write in the KINDS. WHAT IF I HAVE NEVER DONE 23 AND ME AND I DON’T TRULY KNOW THE KINDS? What if the kinds I’m aware of are just family gossip?! I have no way to scientifically verify this information.

Like why do they need to know? What are they using it for? Hopefully they’re writing a cool book about WHAT KINDS of white people live in Jersey City, or something… but I won’t hold my breath. I can’t imagine why that’s interesting. I don’t need any ADDITIONAL DEMOGRAPHIC INFORMATION about everyone’s Italian/Irish/German ancestors and what kind of foods they like. We all know all of that information already, thx.

Anyway, that was the census. I’m wondering if you also felt like it was your duty to do it? Was I tricked into it? Manipulated? What does it all mean? Also it only took 4 minutes. This whole post was a lie.

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