i applied to #SephoraSquad.

I applied to #SephoraSquad because it sounds fun as hell and also because there isn’t anything fun to do these days besides fill out forms on the internet.

If you want, and also like to fill out forms on the internet, you can give them a little testimonial about me and why you enjoy and are entertained by the shanimal of it all. To help me get on the squad! You guys! And you can submit that testimonial here.

If not, please enjoy this image they generated for me to share with you. I believe it just shows my Instagram profile pic and my two most liked recent posts. One of my most liked recent posts, and I think my most liked post OF ALL TIME, is a pic from Getty images in 2002 of a pangolin. I have no idea why this post was my most liked post of all time. But pangolins are pretty darn cute.

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