ode to this trail mix i designed.

The most important thing I have learned about during this period of social distancing is Target’s Peanut Butter Monster trail mix. But I have tried to best that with this trail mix I designed.

Target’s Peanut Butter Monster is a fantastic, mind-blowing blend of peanut butter chips, peanut butter M&Ms, chocolate chips, little mini peanut butter cups, peanuts, and maybe some other stuff. There is a regular just “Monster” trail mix, without the “Peanut Butter,” but that mix is an insult to our tastebuds and should not even be considered.

Peanut Butter Monster, reduced to rubble.

Peanut Butter Monster has made every day of being trapped in my house just a little bit more bearable. But Peanut Butter Monster has one flaw: IT HAS RAISINS. UNFORGIVABLE.

Raisins are useless and Peanut Butter Monster needs to be taught a lesson. I’m only doing this for its own good, because I know it can be better and I want to push it harder.

Therefore, I went to nuts.com and made my VERY OWN trail mix. I’m going to tell you about the trail mix I designed. It has: peanuts, chocolate covered pretzels, dark chocolate covered peanuts, dark chocolate covered almonds, peanut butter chips, Reese’s Pieces, peanut M&Ms, and dark chocolate chips. WOW! IT’S INCRED!

U R the best.

Now, this isn’t a trail mix for hiking or like giving to your kids for their (homeschool) lunch bag. This trail mix I designed is intended to be A DESSERT. And I have been CONSUMING IT LIKE ONE. I really enjoy that nuts.com offers this option and I’m looking forward to designing more blends in the future.

The maximum serving I can have without getting a stomachache.

Peanut Butter Monster, BE WARNED.

(jk I currently have two 2.5lb containers of Peanut Butter Monster hidden in a cardboard box with my canned supplies waiting for the REAL apocalypse.)

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  1. Everybody has a go to trail mix, mine is Fruit & Nut- banana chips,cherry,papaya, rasins,strawberrys, almonds,peanuts,walnuts&more! Ever notice how the big pieces are always on top and git gone first. Read up on it- because it is easier for the smaller pieces to fill the voids below, anyway I’m always left with a bag or little pieces that I love to put on my peanut butter sandwiches! Try it, go from creamy to groovy!

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