how was your weekend?

How was your weekend? You probably didn’t get to go anywhere. I didn’t get to go anywhere either BECAUSE WE ARE ALL TRAPPED.

If there was a time to be trapped, in the history of time, that time is now because we have many ways to escape our home prison and to communicate with each other.


Zooms have saved my life. Zooms have saved everyone’s lives. Or Google hangouts or FaceTimes or whatever the hell. All of it is great.

I prepared for a Zoom bday party on Saturday by throwing together an outfit that can only be described as APOCA-DISCO. I guess. That’s how I would describe it.

I also set up a little Zoom area that was festive for the Zoom bday party and included many of my animal friends.

They’re not live animals. I’ve been considering obtaining live animals, even just for short term social distancing fostering, but I’m afraid they’d mess up my stuff. They’d def mess up my stuff.

Anyway we made the best of it or whatever but I can’t believe it’s only been a week of doing this. I hate it a lot. I’m sure everyone does. But I don’t like to spend so much time at home not doing anything fun. It’s really hard.


I can’t wait to wear a crazy outfit like this out in the real world again and drink a drink and dance a dance and talk to people face to face. Please be soon.

K bye.

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