it’s pop’s bday and it’s poppin.

OMG. I can’t believe I didn’t write/post this yesterday on her actual bday and I am SO SORRY. But it’s Pop’s bday AND IT’S POPPIN.

Pop was born in 1989 and it was almost Easter. This started a life-long annoyance with “Easter” because it always happens on completely different days and I think that’s spooky as hell. I’ve never forgiven it. But we were dyeing eggs one minute and then the next we were going to the hospital to meet Pop!

I had a vague idea that we might get gifts from this new fam member, I think probably because I got a gift from my brother when he was born, so I was SUPER PUMPED. And I was right about the gift! Pop got me a little baby doll thing that had batteries in it so it moved around. AND I LOVED IT.

We called Pop “Melissa” at the time and she was very, very pretty. She’s still very pretty…but she was a very pretty baby. Babies mostly look weird and squished up but I don’t think she ever did. She just looked like the most spot-on perfect representation of our superior Popov genes. It was undeniable.

She was lucky she was very, very pretty because she cried LIKE A LOT. She was always, always crying. Maybe it was hard being so beautiful and she really couldn’t take the pressure. I don’t really know.

As she grew, we all began to notice her copious stores of kindness, consideration, and empathy. She really, really cared about other people and animals. Besides a quick brush with violence when she bit the head off of a pet store fish when she was like 3, her record was clear and humans and animals alike would go to her for comfort and understanding. She’s still this person today!

Pop was always good with horses. Horses terrify me personally because they’re enormous and their eyes always look like they’re up to something. They also seem nervous as hell and I don’t trust the nervous. But Pop trusts them and they trust her! This is an amazing skill that I don’t think many people have, especially today because we don’t use horses as our cars anymore so no one really knows what their deal is anyway.

She also loves a sweet treat! LIKE A LOT. This is how I am too, we get it from our dad. Although I think he took it too far when she was little and fed her a lot of M&M’s and that wasn’t great for her little teeth. But she still loved every bite so I don’t think she’s mad. I mean, I’m not.

Like most of us in this crazy mixed up world, she went through a phase where she partied too hard and we got a little worried, but she made her way out and recovered flawlessly. She lives a beautiful life on her farm with her lover and their animal children. I still miss Gail the pig though. πŸ™

Pop is scheduled to get married to her man Tyler in June. June 6. EVERYONE CROSS YOUR FINGERS THAT THE WEDDING DOESN’T HAVE TO GET RESCHEDULED. This is your gift to Pop. Please cross them. NOW.

Happy Birthday Pop I love you!

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