red purse, brown boots, can’t lose.

On Sunday I went to Berry Lane Park to take some pics of my outfit. For entertainment purposes.

Since the “right thing to do” is social distancing, I didn’t get to wear this outfit anywhere fun this weekend.

This purse is from Rent the Runway and so bright and fun. I wish I got to take it to a social activity somewhere. 😔

And I was pretty sad about it.

So I took some pics and that made me feel way better.

I really like Berry Lane Park. It has a lot of nice stuff, like a badass playground and copious basketballing space for those that like that sort of thing.

Sometimes kids fight there and it gets messy but kids fight everywhere. I fear the youth no matter where they are.

At one point I was up on a hill with a bunch of goose crap on it and a friendly neighbor little boy ran over and said, “There’s poop up there!”

I like geese but yeah they’re a menace.

And I said, “Yes I know. I’m avoiding it. Thank you.”

Just like I avoided all the people at the park.

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