freemans alley.

Today is this Friday, but LAST Friday I went to dinner at Freemans which is at the end of Freemans Alley and it was FAN FREAKIN TASTIC.

Sometimes with work we go to ridiculously expensive dinners because we get this “fun” budget for “team bonding,” and since we’re in NYC and we’re “too cool for school, we go to a delicious dinner instead of like, “playing laser tag.”


But one time with the LA office I went to the Magic Castle and another time we went to the Dessert Cart which had a basketball game or something going on in the background. Those are tales for another time.

First I will speak about Freemans Alley. I did not even know it existed but it’s my new favorite thing and I need to go back and take more pictures of it. Preferably on a warmer day.

There was art in the alley! Street art!

And I recognized that some of the art was by Jersey City artists! And I was like “omg Jersey City!” And my co-workers just kept walking and were like, “Okok whatever let’s go eat the food.”

By Jersey City’s Dylan Egon 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Okay, okay.

It was well worth it to keep walking and go eat the food because it was DELISH AF YOU GUYS.

I mean this was a fancy pants restaurant that was expensive and we had to get a reservation like at least two weeks in advance SO THE FOOD BETTER BE DELISH AF.

And it was so don’t worry. For appetizers we had this artichoke dip that was seriously the greatest artichoke dip I’ve ever shoved in my mouth. They have artichoke dip at a lot of places and people make it when they have friends over and blah blah blah. But THIS was THE artichoke dip.

We also had dried “plums” stuffed with goat cheese wrapped in bacon. They were incredibly, incredibly good. But we laughed at them a little bit because they called them a nice fancy little name like “dried plums” when DRIED PLUMS ARE JUST PRUNES YOU GUYS. Prunes got a bad name somewhere along the way. JUSTICE FOR PRUNES.

Dried Plum (Prune)

For an entree I got the Seared Hamachi and it was FREAKIN INCRED. I love to eat fish meals but I’m not great at preparing them myself so whenever I go out for like a “nice” dinner I choose the fish option. This hamachi was so, so delicious and it had beans with it and it was just perfect. ILY HAMACHI.

Omg there was creamed kale too I don’t know how I almost forgot that. CREAMED. FREAKIN. KALE. LIKE PLZ GIVE ME THE RECIPE.

I ate until I felt sick but that’s never stopped me before so I ordered Bananas Foster for dessert. And it was good! I haven’t had Bananas Foster much in my life so I can’t really compare it to others Bananas Fosters and also I thought they were supposed to light it on fire but maybe that’s something else.

(not on fire)

During the whole meal I drank white wine which I haven’t had since December so maybe that also contributed to me feeling sick but it was sick in like A GOOD WAY.

The building and decor were really cool. There were a TON of taxidermy animals LIKE A TON. Taxidermy animals sometimes freak me out but I’ve been readying this book that talks about taxidermy so it felt familiar to me in a weird way. I also was enjoying trying to identify the birds and whether something was a deer or an elk or a reindeer. The jury is still out on the deer stuff but I did see a Great Blue Heron (hey, heron, heyyyyyyy).

After the meal we made our way back down Freemans Alley and emerged back into the real world. We ordered our company-sponsored (thank youuu) Lyfts and went home. The end.

Have you ever been to Freemans Alley? What do you think?! Do you want to join me when I go back? K cool.

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