lackawanna coffee.

Oh hi it’s me, just basking in the morning sun at Lackawanna Coffee in Downtown Jersey City.

I like Lackawanna Coffee. It’s down below street level, down some little stairs. You don’t even notice it sometimes when you walk by.


“Lackawanna” has something to do with our great New Jersey predecessors, the Lenapes. It’s explained better than I can explain it on this little sign by their front door…


I guess the Lenapes also lived in NYC BUT LIKE THEY ALSO LIVED IN NEW JERSEY, OKAY?

Lackawanna Coffee has a delish hibiscus tea I usually get. Today though I got “some kinda green tea.” AND IT WAS REAL GOOD. I think something about lemongrass? Whatever. It was refreshing. I enjoy iced tea sometimes if I have already had coffee that day. ONE COFFEE IS ENOUGH because I will legally lose my shit if I drink more than that in a day thx.

Obviously they have coffee, and the tea I mentioned. They also have snackies! By snackies I mean pastries that I have successfully resisted purchasing every time until now so I am due to scoop one up SOON. They look good!

There are also fancy looking candy bars for sale. You know the kind, with the colorful, intricate labels. The ones that cost a lot but when you eat them you’re like THIS IS WHAT CHOCOLATE IS REALLY ABOUT!!! <overcome with ecstasy, loses mind, runs into oncoming traffic>”

Lackawanna Coffee is always nice and sunny and lovely. Even when it’s raining! Jk not sunny when it’s raining but still lovely. It’s cozy in there but very simply decorated at the same time. Like there isn’t much going on but there doesn’t NEED to be much going on.

It’s usually very, very crowded in the morning, but today I got lucky and people didn’t start coming in until after I found a seat and got comfy. YAY ME.

All seats for ME.

Out back they have a great yard. It has a lot of seating and greenery and a ping pong table. Although I despise ping pong, and people playing it around me disturbs and annoys me, I realize that is a rare stance to take. YOU would probably enjoy the ping pong in the yard out back, because you WOULD.

I meant to take a pic of the yard to show you but I got too lazy. So I guess you have to go there to see for yourself. It’s almost “hangin out back in yards” time again so get excited.

Lackawanna Coffee is at 295 Grove St in Downtown Jersey City. Omg as I was looking up that address I saw they are also at 140 Bay St and 321 Warren St in Jersey City. LOOKS LIKE YOU GOT A WHOLE LACKAWANNA COFFEE CRAWL AHEAD OF YOU.

Take the PATH to Grove St. Ride a Citibike. Take an Uber. Walk. Take the light rail…IF IT EVER WORKS AGAIN. There are many ways to get there. Go to there!

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