i love cadbury eggs.

You guys. I love Cadbury Eggs. I don’t truly know why, but I do.

It’s odd that I love Cadbury Eggs because they deviate slightly from they type of candy I like best. I like chocolate, first of all. NO fruity stuff. The fruity stuff is a waste of money and calories and time and I won’t stand for it.

In union with my beloved chocolate, I will take peanut butter, any kind of nuts, and coconut. Sometimes caramel. But I don’t always love it.

Now that we got that out of the way, what is it about Cadbury Eggs that makes me love Cadbury Eggs? I don’t even REALLY know the exact ingredients in them. More than one person has described their contents to me as “snot.” WTF would you call something that I am EATING in front of you “snot”? WTF is wrong with you?! Come on.

It’s rude as hell to be like “ew, gross, snot…etc etc” about something another person is currently consuming. Just stop. I will never say “ew gross” to something you’re eating that I don’t like. I will say “no thanks.”

UNLESS I say “no thanks” AND THEN you begin a whole TED talk about why I should like mushrooms. Then I’ll be tired of hearing it and then I will definitely say “ew mushrooms are gross, <barf noise>.” I didn’t come for your TED talk about mushrooms and I don’t need to listen to it. Take your mushroom TED talk elsewhere.

I love Cadbury Eggs but I have never done a TED talk about Cadbury Eggs. Unless this post counts as one.

One reason I love Cadbury Eggs is that the company has played the same seasonal Cadbury Egg commercial every single year for a while. It is hilarious and adorable and it features animals that aren’t bunnies auditioning to be the Easter bunny and it gets me every time.

Today I saw this commercial on the TV in the common room at work and then I looked it up and it has been around in its current iteration since 1991-ish? What?! That’s forever. Especially for a commercial. The quality looks like it’s old as hell but the values remain the same. And that is that Cadbury Eggs are damn delish.

The last thing I think that must make them seem special is that they are seasonal. For a very long time they only came out in springtime. Now they have a Halloweeeeen seasonal “Cadbury Screme Egg” that I also obviously love! But they will always have an association with spring for me.

Also they’re delicious. Maybe I already said that but they are. They are sweet and chocolate-y and you can eat them in two neat bites if you’re an expert like me. You really can’t go wrong with a Cadbury Egg.

And that’s just the full size! They also have an “egg carton” of mini ones! What will they do to delight me next?! Only time will tell!

Cadbury Eggs were my favorite candy to get in my Easter basket, and I was remembering today that I had a pal on my HS cheer team that ALSO loved them and we would give them to each other for bdays or holidays or times when we were being supportive teammates to each other.

That was badass.

Do you like Cadbury Eggs? You should. If you refer to them as “snot” can you stop? In this time of pandemic terror referencing “snot” is extra rude. Thxxxx.

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