matcha morning at chillhouse – personal finance.

Yesterday morning I attended my first “Matcha Morning” at Chillhouse in SoHo and I was not disappointed.

Chillhouse really has the bad ass nail art thing covered, but they also like to offer a lot of different versions of self care. Personally I’m currently obsessed with self care (pretty much like everyone is currently obsessed with self care) so I was excited to check out a Matcha Morning at Chillhouse.

This particular Matcha Morning was about personal finance. I went to learn! I want to learn…I NEED TO LEARN. I’m terrible at finance, you may have gathered.

This was the perfect opportunity for learning and listening and also matcha.

the morning.

Matcha Morning at Chillhouse started at 8am so I had to go to the gym at 5:45am so I had to wake UP at 5am…which seems pretty ridiculous now that I think of it. But I lived a whole life before work and that’s what I strive for as many days of the week as possible.

When I arrived it didn’t seem like they were open yet so two other gals and I stood in the vestibule because it was FREEZING. But then a photographer came to photograph the event and he just walked right in the front door and we were like “oh.” Typical gal move. Didn’t wanna bother anyone. We should have just gone in!

the matcha.

Once inside we settled in and headed up to the counter for our complimentary matcha. This was the first time I actually tried matcha for real for real and I got it iced with oat milk and a bit of rose water flavor.


It was fun to cozy up with everyone with our green drinks and get ready to have our minds blown by financial stuff.

the finance.

This month’s matcha morning at Chillhouse was about personal finance. Because personal finance is a part of self care. IT REALLY IS.

If you are concious of your personal finances and you’re doing what you can and you’re also comfortable to discuss financial shit with your friends, family, and others around – that’s a good thing. I didn’t need to come to this event to know THAT, okay?

But I DID go to the event to learn some more tips and tricks and to be around like-minded gals (my fav gals to be around), and also to get matcha.

The panel consisted of Cyndi Ramirez, Founder and CEO of Chillhouse, wearing incredible polka dot heels AND SOCKS, as moderator, and Tiffany Aliche, the “Budgetnista” and Personal Finance Educator, and Nicole Lapin, Money Expert and NYT Bestselling Author, as the special guests!

the list of my personal finance learnings.

These gals had a lot of great things to say about finance and how to be better at it, and I’m going to include my biggest takeaways in list form here:

⁃ Saving money is like trying to eat healthy or workout consistently. If you deprive yourself too much or are too hard on yourself, you will end up spiraling and bingeing into the opposite behavior in the end. HMMM INTERESTING. A BINGE FEST. V FAMILIAR WITH THAT.

⁃ “Being debt free doesn’t make you rich.” Both of them said this, more than once and in this very clear way but also in different ways. It made me feel good and less panicked like running around screaming “OMG DEBT MY LIFE IS ON FIREEEEE!!!” I liked that.

⁃ You shouldn’t give yourself a monetary number goal you want to teach. You should start by sitting down and seriously considering the kind of life you want to live and the components of that life that will make you happy. Then reverse engineer from there and figure out the kind of money you need to live that life. Maybe it’s a lot, maybe it’s not much…maybe it’s way more or less than you thought! Attaching “success” to a number can make people very unhappy.

⁃ “Travel is the only thing you spend money on that can make you richer.” Enough said.

⁃ “We treat our money like it’s a two year old or a wild animal running around doing whatever it wants. But we have to realize that WE have the control.” Enough said…again.

– It can be helpful to have an accountability buddy/friend when you’re dealing with trying to get your finances together. You can have someone to talk to, vent to, and you can open each other’s scary bills when they seem to overwhelming for you to handle on your own. I liked this idea! But I haven’t found a non-judgemental finance buddy…YET.

learn about finance as a kid.

Nicole and Tiffany both agreed that they don’t teach kids enough about finance in school. Okay, they don’t teach kids ANYTHING about finance in school and that is a problem. A big one!

Tiffany let us know that she had helped pass a law in New Jersey (wooooo New Jersey!) that requires financial literacy courses in middle school. I wish I had those, maybe I’d be better off. I guess I have to go back to middle school.

They highlighted that it’s important to be open and aware about personal finances within a family or relationship, and everyone really benefits in the end. Personally I do feel like there is a lot of secrecy and mystery and shame around money. Like people don’t like to talk about it. Like it’s “rude.” “RUDE” can suck it!

I once heard, at a different panel, something that stuck with me. The woman speaking said, and this is a paraphrase but it’s pretty much what she said, “we need to all talk about money and ask about money, no matter who we are. The people that HAVE the money are trying to keep it a secret so they can keep it all. And that’s hurting us.”

WHAT?! I THINK SHE IS RIGHT. And I think yesterday’s panelists agreed. I’m just going to go ahead and say that they agree, on their behalf. All good things.

I came to this page in my notebook as I was taking notes so I guess I was MEANT TO BE THERE.

Overall I felt really inspired by this Matcha Morning at Chillhouse. Like I could take on the day and maybe even set some positive personal finance shit in action already.

And hopefully I do!

Can’t wait for the next one.

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