fat tuesday at south house.

This is gonna be quick but last night I went to Fat Tuesday at South House. Which was also quick, because all Tuesdays are school nights unless you take off on Wednesday and I didn’t…THIS time.

Fat Tuesday at South House has been pretty badass the past two years I have gone. All of the servers and bartenders were wearing fun black light enhanced face paint. Some of their face paint designs were super intricate and therefore very impressive.

Neon circles on strings were hanging from over the bar, also enhanced by the black lights. Kind of like a neon chandelier! A neonnnnn channndelierrrr. Just wanted to say it again.

They had a ton of Mardi Gras decorations, that is just a quick sampling. I really, REALLY appreciate South House’s full on, ALL IN, approach to themes and holidays. Their Halloween and Xmas decorations are also incredible but that can be discussed at another time.

In addition to the incredible decorations, they had a fun brass band called “Shaghorns” for our entertainment. The same band played last year and I loved them then too, SO THIS IS A NICE LITTLE TRADISH.

I have only been to New Orleans once and what I loved most was the music. I guess that’s probably what everyone loves most. Duh.

Fat Tuesday at South House included hurricanes! As in the drink. Too soon to joke about actual hurricanes. For anyone anywhere near the sea. Pray (to the pagan nature gods or whatever) for us.

Not exactly sure what is in hurricanes, I think fruit juice and rum. These were delish! They included black and red (THE EXPENSIVE KIND) raspberries and I enjoyed them throughly.

We were there for about an hour. I had two hurricanes, listened to some music, and admired the decorations. Then it was time to go home.

Today I woke up at 6:30am to go to the gym and I didn’t feel very bad at all. MAYBE I CAN HAVE IT ALL?!

Ash Wednesday always creeps me out because every time I see a person with a forehead mark I’m like, “AH WHAT HAPPENED TO THEIR FOREHEARD?!” And then I’m like “Oh Ash Wednesday. Whatever that is. Not gonna look it up because I don’t care. But I DO care that this person isn’t hurt in any way. The end.”

Do you celebrate Fat Tuesday? Where is your fav place to go? What are your thoughts on New Orleans? Hurricanes (again, NOT the storms)? South House? Isn’t South House beautiful?! It’s right on Newark Ave in Jersey City. Go to there.

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