should you send out your laundry?

There comes a time in all of our lives when we ask ourselves “Should I send out my laundry?” And the answer is yes. Yes you should send out your laundry. It is the greatest invention of all time.

When was sending out your laundry invented? Hold please…Okay I could only find when laundromats were invented but the specific processes conducted at those laundromats were not described.

Perhaps we’ll never know.

I DO know that sending out my laundry was invented for me personally when I moved to the Jersey City Heights in January 2008. Part of selecting our apartment was, “It’s by a laundromat!”

Because I grew up in the middle of nowhere and everyone had a washer and dryer at their house I didn’t even realize what a laundromat was even LIKE. I only knew of them from movies and from posing for a pic in a laundromat this one time in Milford.

So when I first moved I was like “I can do the laundromat! Frankly I LOVE the laundromat!” And I had my little cart and I would haul my laundry down the stairs and over there and I would be there for like 4 hours washing and drying my clothes. Sometimes I would read, sometimes I would watch terrible children’s TV. Then I would load all of my clothes back on the little cart and make my way home and drag the clothes up the stairs.

I grew tired of this after a month, and I started to “send out” my laundry.

At this point in history I still had to haul it over there and then haul it home but it was still way better than sitting there for four hours.

In my next apartment, the building next door had laundry facilities that we had access to, but next to THAT building was a dry cleaning/laundry joint. Again I tried to do the right thing and use the facilities provided but there were a bunch of dumbass frat boys living in that building and they never moved their clothes but they would always move MY clothes and I was outraged.

So I would drag my laundry back and forth but just to next door.

Finally I arrived at an apartment where I had a laundry closet situation right outside my front door, in the foyer of the building. I could go out there in my underwear. And I did.

This washer and dryer served us well for about 6 years and then it pretty much gave up and we would have to use double the quarters for the dryer and it still wouldn’t work. It was a waste of time and money.


I use a company called “Senor Bubbles,” they are based in The Heights. They will come and pick up your laundry AND dry cleaning and then they will bring it back. You don’t have to drag it anywhere…beyond your home, I still have to drag mine up two flights of stairs.

They come in a van and pick up the dirty laundry. AND THEN THEY RETURN IT and it is clean and folded.

You can fill out your pick up and drop off time on the Internet and they will text you when they’re 5 minutes away.

Senor Bubbles pisses me off sometimes because they come way before or way after the previously decided and agreed upon by both parties time window. They need to not do that. They need to stop.

Beyond that, Senor Bubbles is great, and sending out my laundry is great and I love it. The way that clothes smell is very, very important to me so I pay a little extra to get the good detergent (Tide) and fabric softener (Downy). IT IS WORTH IT BECAUSE IT SMELLS GOOD.

It is everything I’ve ever wanted and more. So if you’re thinking, “Should I send out my laundry?” The answer is…SEND OUT YOUR LAUNDRY BYE.

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