victory brewery in parkesburg, pa.

On Saturday we went to lunch at Victory Brewery in Parkesburg, PA and it was just about as good as it always is which is pretty, pretty good. We do go there a lot, sometimes twice a month, so frankly I consider those of us who are lucky enough to be in this family to be experts on Victory Brewery in Parkesburg, PA.

personal history of victory brewery.

We weren’t always experts. Well, one of my family members always was, my sister in law. She worked at the Victory Brewery in Downingtown, PA and ostensibly knew everything there was to know about Victory Brewery.

In my immediate family, it started with Golden Monkey. At least for me…it started with Golden Monkey.

This thing smells ridiculous but I always feel I need to smell it.

I didn’t drink in high school and when I got to college I was all about that jungle juice because it went down fast, tasted fruity, and was highly (HIGHLY) effective. I just didn’t have the time or patience for beer and also the only beer avaiabvle at the stupid Rutgers frat parties I went to was Keystone Light or some shit. That’ll be a hard pass.

It was probably my brother that first introduced me to beers that went down fast, tasted good, and were highly effective. But I don’t really remember because I was drunk. But I DO remember going to liquor stores (in NJ we have “liquor stores” that sell hard alcohol and beer and wine all in one place AND THAT IS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE DONE JUST FYI) and searching for Golden Monkey because I liked the taste and the results best of all.

Golden Monkey will get you sloshed. I think they sold it in 4 packs and maybe still do but I don’t really know because it’s not my favorite anymore. But we did have a good run, ya know?

My current fav, Prima Pils.

When my brother and sister in law were living in sin in Downingtown, we visited them a few times and we would walk to Victory Brewery from their apartment (we referred to it as “Jamrock”…the apartment, not the brewery), get pretty sloshed, then walk home. It was fun! It was family time!

Then they moved and they weren’t as close. BUT GOOD NEWS BECAUSE A NEW VICTORY BREWERY IN PARKESBURG OPENED SHORTLY AFTER. If you don’t know where any of these places are, I refer to them as “beyond the Mainline.” If you don’t understand that you’re beyond help on this matter because I’m not going to explain it further.

victory brewery in parkesburg, pa

The Victory Brewery in Parkesburg, PA is badass! I’m not just saying that, it really is. The best part about it is the SELF GUIDED tour. So you can get a little drunk and then just walk around and read the things and you don’t have to pay attention and respect an actual person and you can leave at any time to go back to your table where you belong and order beer.

This self guided tour area is also a big space where little kids can run around and yell and do little kid things, so that’s nice for my niece and nephew. They have cornhole up there, and windows to see into the factory. My nephew was always very interested in a “robot” that is some kind of machine but it’s usually “sleeping” on the weekends so I don’t truly understand its appeal.

Victory Brewery in Parkesburg, PA is usually a manageable level of crowded. Like people are there, it doesn’t seem like the place sucks, but you can always get a table. The wait staff is very, VERY friendly and they will remember you if you return often. I think they remember us because we’ve been going twice a month for like 5 years BUT STILL. THEY REMEMBER.

Not too crowded.

victory beers.

Victory beers are delish! I’ve already mentioned Golden Monkey, my parents love that. So much so that my nephew refers to it as “Golden Lexx.” I like the Prima Pils best, that’s what I usually get. My sister in law, I THINK, like the sour kinds like the Kirsch Gose, but I’m not sure because she usually is a responsible designated driver and gets water. I believe my brother always gets his growler filled with Hop Devil, but they also have Hop Wallop which I prefer if I’m getting an IPA. JUST BECAUSE I LIKE THE NAME.

My niece and nephew love their CRAFT, BARREL AGED apple juice and lemonade, since you asked.

foods of victory.

They also have food! I know! It’s crazy!

Their menu has changed a lot in the 6 or so years I’ve been going there, but it stays pretty good.

The pizza there is always good. It’s not NY/NJ pizza but it’s really tasty in its own way. We’ve been getting the Roasted Brussels Sprouts pizza lately, it’s topped with a fried egg! My mom loves eggs. LIKE A LOT.

We also often get the Loaded Fries, and have tried the Flash Fried Cauliflower.

Our family plan is as follows: 1. Order drinks 2. Get drinks and order appetizer 3. Get appetizer and order entrees 4. Get entrees and order growler to go 5. Leave. We cannot deviate from this plan, we would all be very upset.


Victory Brewery in Parkesburg, PA has specials every day that always change, and they post them online. We prepare for our Saturday visits by checking out these menus beforehand. This past Saturday, I got a Chicken Corn Chowder from the specials and I enjoyed it, although it didn’t have the thickness of a chowder. But maybe that’s better for me, in the long run. My jeans are feeling very tight and I refuse to buy new jeans which leaves me with one option and that is to STOP STUFFING MY FACE. Plz halp.

My mom and sister in law got a special pizza that had a bunch of vegetables on it and I ate some too, even though I hate vegetables. I actually liked it!

playtime at victory brewery.

As I said before, Victory has a ton of space upstairs in the self guided tour for kids to run around. They also have a big grassy lawn outside and we run around out there when it’s warm out. It’s kind of in the middle of a field so there isn’t much traffic and I really enjoy the outside space.

Even more playing!

They often have events over the summer, different beer and BBQ things. There are also apparently events during the week but I don’t live there so I don’t know their life.

The merch store is pretty extensive and you can get all kinds of merchmerchmerch as well as beers to go.

I took this fun pic in the merch store and was scorned by my brother but I think he was just grumpy about his inability to enjoy taking a fun pic. That’s just a guess. Don’t be a hater, BROTHER. JKJK LOVE YOU.

Victory Brewery in Parkesburg, PA is a great place to go with your fam or your mom or your date or honestly by yourself. I would suggest you go. It’s a bit of a haul from Jersey City/NYC where I usually am, and I think where most of you are according to the analytics tools I barely understand, but if you get the chance to go DO IT.

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