presidents day lewk.

Maybe Presidents Day isn’t really a holiday to have a lewk but this is my Presidents Day lewk.

I only worked a half-ish day so I took some pics in the morning when the sun was out.

Hopefully you had a great day off if you had today off! If not, sucks to be you. And sucks to be me, I didn’t have today off either. But I get a day off of my choosing in the future. I’ll have a lewk for that day too.

This dress is from Saylor via Rent the Runway and I love it a lot. Saylor makes a lot of lacy kind of stuff and the fabrics are always really nice and thick and luxurious.

I love this dress because it’s super comfortable, the sleeves are fun, and there’s a naked part where you can see my skin in the middle. I LOVE A NAKED PART.

My boyfriend gave me this badass necklace from Stone Cooper for Valentine’s Day. I tried to get a pic of it up close but that didn’t really work out.

The coat is by Waverly Grey, also via Rent the Runway. I think it’s okay but it doesn’t seem as soft or nicely made as some of the other fur coats I’ve rented. It may just be older?

This has been a winter of fur coats and I’m going to miss them when it gets warm out. But that is the only, ONLY winter thing I will miss.

Taking pics of myself is fun and I like to do it when I have free time and that’s the whole post.

The end.

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