february birchbox.

Hey look! It’s the February Birchbox!

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The box says “Hey look! I’m not a bill!” And that’s honestly the whole reason I get it.

february birchbox

Here is my unboxing.

I’m very, very excited that this month has a sample of Amika Curl Corps. I use this every day anyway and now I have a little travel one for the gym! YESSSS.

I’m curious about the “cleansing foam conditioner” from R+Co because I have no idea how it works. I guess I should pay attention.

february birchbox

The Mellow Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lip Paint in Ibiza seems pretty nice, I tried it out during the unboxing. At first it seemed a little dry but now ten minutes later it doesn’t feel dry and still looks like I made an effort with my lip makeup. So that’s good!

february birchbox

The Beauty Crop Glow Milk Liquid Highlighter is in the most adorable package I’ve ever seen and that’s all I know about it for now.

february birchbox

Embryolisse is a moisturizer that I also know nothing about but it has “Embryo” in the name so maybe that means my skin will be as perfect as a baby?! One can hope.

That’s all I got. Thanks for watching. YOU BETTER HAVE WATCHED THE VID.

Also if you have a problem with the birds you can GET THE HECK OUT.

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