denim dress, unreal fur coat, white booties…and posed in front of jersey city’s city hall.

It’s raining today and I hate it. I’d like to reflect on a happier time, thx. On Saturday it was sunny and I wore a denim dress, unreal fur coat, white booties…and posed in front of Jersey City’s City Hall.

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It was also the Golden Hour…ISH. I stumbled across some good lighting and I tried to squeeze into a corner to get it to hit me right.

It mostly didn’t and I just look all crunched up.

But I think you can fully see the lewk if you piece each of these photos together in your mind.

You’re welcome.

I got a lot of compliments for this Ulla Johnson denim dress which is always grand. It was a very thick material and perfect for a twirl.

I’m obsessed with this Unreal Fur coat as I am obsessed with all fur coats, both real and unreal. I’m wearing it now as I write this post. If I had money I would invest in fake fur because it is a beautiful and responsible product. I would obvi buy fake fur to put in my closet and but I’d also invest in sciences to make the greatest fake fur you’ve ever touched. It would be like a rabbit and a mink boned then had a baby and then silk worms squirted silk stuff all over it. You can’t even imagine how luscious this science fur would be.

But I don’t have any money, sorry.

Coat, Unreal Fur. Denim dress, Ulla Johnson. White Booties, Macy’s. Tights, Anna Sui. Necklace, Stone Cooper.

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