last place winners grand opening.

I woke up this morning still jazzed as hell from the Last Place Winners grand opening party.



Maybe I was annoyingly excited about the banana pudding and upset people when I screamed, “OH MY GOSH THERE IS BANANA PUDDING?!” And I’m sorry for that but…I was just excited.


Beyond the banana pudding, the Last Place Winners grand opening party was great because this store is great. The walls are painted vibrant AF blue, red, and yellow. And you know if it’s vibrant and bright and intensely colored…IT IS MY MOST FAVORITE THING EVER.

So I walked in and went right into “staring intently at colors” mode. As I was admiring the colors, I noticed that the racks holding the clothes were constructed from trees and ropes! I lost my mind, I found it so cool. Pretty sure they were birch (a thin-leaved deciduous hardwood tree of the genus Betula) trees? I love a tree like it’s my family but I’m not good at identifying trees so sorry if I’m wrong about this one. I don’t know, google it or something.

The tree racks were kick ass and then the clothes hanging ON the racks were also kick ass. My boyfriend got a white “Fuck Trump 2020” hoodie. Looks great on him, I have to say. They had some other awesome hoodies and T-shirts, and also some shorts made out of unusual fabric for shorts (like…wool?) that I found very amusing.

Most of the clothes were men’s clothes, but they had one rack of women’s clothes by Brittany Jeanne (also a Deep Space Gallery artist!) These clothes were all made out of the most interesting fabrics and offbeat combinations of said fabrics. Our collective favorite women’s piece was a denim vest with a sequin virgin mary looking gal on the back and it was lined around the edges with a VERY SILKY SOFT black fur that I think was rabbit but could have been something more exotic. Edited: The vest was actually made by Renee Flowers, Lastplacewinners Head Tailor!

Clothes for the gals.

Ugh. Beautiful.

The man of the hour makes a speech!

At one point I was able to speak to the man in charge, I believe his name was Kip (I had a lot of vodka lemonades and I’m bad at names and also at journalism even though I am a classically trained journalist). He spoke about why he created the birch tree racks and added the astro turf grass to the floor (at one point I screamed, “OH MY GOSH THERE IS GRASS ON THE FLOOR!” Def the most annoying person there. Sorry again). And the reason was…nature! He said since we all grew up in an urban environment he wanted to change it up and bring some nature to Jersey City.

Again with my vodka lemonade-ed annoying ass, I exclaimed, “Oh my gosh I grew up in NATURE so I definitely appreciate having some nature down the street from me now!” And he was like…cool. Jkjk he was super nice and I love his store forever and ever and thank him for his hospitality. And the city-nature.

One of the BEST things in this store and at this party was they had a bunch of cool crocheted hats around! At first I thought they were knit, because I personally knit and wanted to feel validated, but then my pal Norm set me straight and was like “Nah, crochet.” And I took a closer look and was like, “Damn, youโ€™re right.”

So these awesome fucking handmade hats were all around and some dudes were rocking them and they were beautiful AF pieces of art. I was trying to figure out who made them, and if they were there, but I couldn’t locate an answer. I’m going to have to go back to get one I love them so much.

Next door to the Last Place Winners grand opening party and store was a really cool furniture store. For some reason they let us come in and browse and take pictures of ourselves. I made a friend to talk about Philadelphia with. I love Philadelphia and everyone around here is always rude about Philadelphia. But I love it and I made a Philadelphia appreciating friend so there.

Overall I haven’t had like a “real Friday night” in a long time and this party was perfect. It was in a cool store, there were snacks, we made new friends, there was a DJ, we mingled among lovely clothing and accessories, and the place isn’t very far from my home, which always makes me happy since my new home is by…nothing.

Cool pals on the town!

Last Place Winners is located at 225 Monticello Ave in McGinley Sq (Jersey City, NJ). It’s awesome and you should go. I’m def going back for one of those hats so I’ll see you there.

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