the peace of an empty train.

The peace of an empty train. It’s a beautiful thing. I was just thinking about it the other morning.

This is mostly for my Jersey City pals, although I feel like the unsurpassed level of peace one feels on an empty train is universal. It’s the peace of an empty train.

Do you ever get through the turnstile and peek down the stairs at Grove St and think “UGH HELL NO.” You prob think this every day. I do.

What about the days you have at least 30 minutes of extra time? If conditions are just terrible enough, will you get on the Journal Square/Newark train, GOING IN THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE DIRECTION, just to feel the peace of an empty train?

Because I will.


Commuting via public transportation blows. I hate it every day. It’s my only option and I’m trapped inside of it so I hate it more. I despise being so close to other people. I have a panic attack when I hear them breathing. I get off the train drenched with sweat and my heart is beating really fast and I can’t breathe. This is every day.

I literally would rather die than smell anything that doesn’t smell like cookie scented perfume. JK I mean figuratively because the cold darkness of death is my greatest fear (because FOMO) but I still hate smells a lot.

“Meditation,” if you want to call “trying to think happy thoughts and disassociate from my own body” meditation, does help. And I recommend that to you. That’s the only advice I have, if you came here to learn something. Just pretend you don’t exist and sometimes it works. I also do this whenever someone yells at me…I just go to another place in my mind. So like, don’t yell at me because I’m def not listening.


Commuting gets even WORSE, which happens at least once a week, when you have to SQUEEZE INTO a train that DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH ROOM but people are STILL SQUEEZING. LIKE STOP. Then you have to ride in that squeezed position for like 20 minutes and it’s the worst place you’ve ever been in your life. I can guarantee that.

So yes, when you have that option and that extra time to go the empty train route, I don’t see why you wouldn’t. I don’t see why you wouldn’t seek the peace of an empty train.

The only time this doesn’t work is when you see that the other cars are full and one car is pretty empty, maybe only one or two people in it. This means THERE IS AN ISSUE IN THAT CAR and you should STAY FAR AWAY.

Empty from another angle. PS I’m currently super into the idea of Curaçao because I want to meet Flamingo Bob 💕🦩

It’s usually a smell related issue. I won’t say more because it’s making me throw up just thinking about it. But there is a reason that car is empty and that reason will make it the opposite of peaceful so STEER CLEAR.

Do you have any tips to make commuting less of a living hell? Asking for a friend.