brave body project class.

My pal Al has been telling me about the Brave Body Project classes she takes on NEOU, so yesterday morning I was excited to check out a Brave Body Project class in person in NYC with her!

Brave Body Project is two gals that I believe are pals and they started the company to bring fitness and empowerment and overall badassery to other gals that are into that sort of thing. WHICH IS ME.

girl boss painting at luminary nyc
Not always a fan of girl boss” as like a “concept” but I guess you can say its heart is in the right place. And I like these colors.

Yesterday we attended their class at the Luminary space in Nomad. Like kinda by the milkbar flagship store. Just FYI.

I have some outrage to direct at Luminary, which is – how the heck are you supposed to get in the place when none of the buzzers indicate which floor the company is on?! Also when both phone numbers listed in the class confirmation email are useless because no one answers them. I’m just wondering.

couch and palm wallpaper at luminary nyc
V cozy, once I figured out how to get in.

What I’m saying is, this entrance process could be improved. Also it felt worse and more terrible and dramatic to me because I arrived at 7:44am for a 7:45am class and I was stressed AF. But I still feel my cries for help should have been addressed. But then a nice man working in the foyer of the building finally took mercy on me and let me in. He also directed me to Luminary’s floor. Again this information was not conveyed to me at any point until this man revealed it.

cute seating and lighting
Cute little corner.

Maybe it’s like a secret club?

On to the Brave Body Project class! I missed any informational preamble, which upset me, but I got there halfway through the warmup and I was ready to go.

fitness studio where brave body project class was held
The studio.

The format of the Brave Body Project class is 10 songs of strength and cardio. So I would def recommend wearing sneakers. Because the cardio. They almost had me faked out because everyone had 2lb weights and I was like oooo maybe this will be more barre-ish and no cardio?! But ugh there was still cardio.

mirror selfie in "hello gorgeous" mirror after brave body project class
The mirror says “hello gorgeousbut that was hard to capture.

It was fine.

I guess.

The format was enjoyable, I liked the 10 songs of 10 different things. If I had been there and known about the 10 songs in the beginning I would have been comforted by counting down what song we were on in my head as we went through.

Since I MISSED the beginning I was still comforted by the knowledge that it was only going to be 45mins. I could do it.

The instructors, Amber and Lindsay, taught the Brave Body Project class together and worked off of each other and I really liked that. I’m not sure that’s always the format they use when they’re teaching in person, but I do know that’s more common on NEOU. Also, the class reminded me of cheerleading camp in a way! I was transported back to my days of attending camp and teaching camp. It’s fun to teach as a teacher team and it’s fun to learn from a teacher team I think. I liked it. I already said I liked it but I’ll say it again. I liked it!

"wellness wing" in gold lettering
It’s wellness, bitch.

The Brave Body Project gals were also wearing workout shorts! Personally I love workout shorts and shorts in generally and I feel as though they are unfairly ignored and/or persecuted and I was glad to see some leaders in the fitness field go down the workout shorts path.

Guess who googled “cute workout shorts” after this workout? MY FRIEND AL AND ME THAT’S WHO.

After the class we were permitted to use the amenities at Luminary and they were nice! I liked the color scheme of everything, whites and pops of gold. It felt like a luxurious little place to get ready.

Luminary had a bunch of products to use, too – face, body, hair, tampons! The full set. So we took advantage of that.

beauty products

Unfortunately the water in the showers was cold. I mean maybe they’re still working on their fitness/gym/locker room game and it’s a work in progress. And that’s why the missing door/entry information and freezing shower happened. I’d give them another chance, it’s fine.

Very cold but very pretty and maybe that’s the trade off 🤷🏻‍♀️

Additionally they had an in-house salon where a hair stylist was doing blowouts! It cost money, they weren’t just giving blowouts out for free, but I thought it was super cool they made fitness and blowouts available on-site in a co-working space.

selfie in mirror after brave body project class
Utilizing salon.

I hope to attend more Brave Body Project classes in person! And I’m also going to check them out on NEOU. NEOU is the best workout at home option. I promise I don’t work for them. But it is. It’s like $15 a month and you get all kinds of shit. Do it. Run, don’t walk.

Have you ever gone to a Brave Body Project class? What did you think? Would you go again? Are you a member of a co working space like Luminary? I don’t know…just trying to make conversation.

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