i made amy‘s hot dish.

Last week The NY Times wrote a fun little story about Amy Klobuchar’s “hot dish” and yesterday I made Amy’s hot dish.

I had never heard of a hot dish before but I’m super into American regional foods and the debates that arise about what they “are” and what they “should be called” so of course I wanted to try this one out.

amy’s hot dish.

Here is the recipe:

Amy's hot dish recipe from the new york times

I substituted cream of celery soup for cream of mushroom soup because mushrooms are disgusting. Come on, Amy. I also added 1 can of chilies, and used ground turkey instead of ground beef because ground beef upsets my stomach.

Ingredients for Amy's hot dish laid out on kitchen counter

Amy’s hot dish turned out okay! Casseroles overall seem odd to me. I only recently learned that green bean casserole has creamy soup in it too. And it seems kind of weird, to dump soup into a thing to make something that isn’t soup. I don’t know, am I reading too much into this?

Cooking ground turkey with peppers

I don’t usually love potatoes but it was fun to have hash browns as the top “crust,” and I loved that she uses pepper jack cheese because I would only eat pepper jack cheese for the rest of my life if I had to choose one cheese to eat for the rest of my life. Just FYI.

I made Amy's hot dish

Amy’s hot dish was something I could focus on, something I could believe in, something on which I could form an opinion. And that is the exact opposite of what the Iowa caucuses are.

i am undecided.

Honestly I have no idea what is going on over there and I’m embarrassed to say that. So today I did some googling, and I probably already learned this in 2016 and then completely forgot about it, but these “caucuses” seem like they would be “my worst nightmare.”

It’s a thing where you get together in a public place with other people from your town/community and you stand in groups in different parts of the room to indicate which candidate you support. Then the people that are still “undecided” are kind of lurking around and those that have decided try to persuade them to come join their group. What?!

I’d hate this! Damn! Why would I want to talk to my neighbors about possibly uncomfortable and contentious topics?! I bet there is YELLING. Ugh it sounds terrible.

Somehow some people’s second choices come into play as well, I think if there aren’t enough people in a candidate’s group that group gets dissolved and they have to choose a bigger one. I could be making this up but that’s how I understand it.

Which brings me to this: I am undecided. I think overall, just choosing someone at face value, which maybe is how they should be chosen, but that’s really none of my business, I like Pete Buttigieg the best. Something about him seems positive but also responsible. It sucks he’s another white dude but I’m willing to work with him on that.

Of course I love Elizabeth Warren but like do I? I don’t know. I feel unsettled. She’s great but I’m not like “omg wahoooo!” I’m just like “I guess I’ll take her, she seems cool.”

Same with Biden, I feel meh. It seems like he’s trying to be like, “Hey my dudes, I’m pretty much Obama!” And it’s like, you’re NOT Obama. I mean I guess he’s fine and better than Trump.

They’re all just fine.

Bernie is just…Bernie. I don’t know. I feel the same way I felt about him the last time around. Which is “meh.”

And Amy Klobuchar, the only thing that I know about her is Amy’s hot dish…which was delish!

There are others in the running but these are the top ones I see on the news and I’m already struggling with a decision and don’t really want to consider more options. But maybe one of the ones they’re not paying attention to will surprise us and save us all from indecision?!

This doesn’t mean I’m not going to vote when NJ has our primary (6/2/2020, BABY!). I have a civic duty and I will perform it. I will make a choice after I have some more time to think and read and listen and research. And you should too.

But for now I just feel very meh about everyone. So this blog will not be issuing an official endorsement YET. I KNOW THAT IS WHAT YOU COME HERE FOR. HARD HITTING POLITICAL JOURNALISM. AMY’S HOT DISH.

Do you know more about the Iowa Caucuses than me? You def do. Can you explain it to me in a way that I understand it fully? I feel like I have the basic idea but I want to be sure. Also I never want to live in a state where that’s what voting involves because it seems like a lot of public pressure and I prefer doing my voting in private behind a curtain THANK YOU.

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