mocktails of jersey city and hoboken.

Ugh I hate that I have Hoboken in here but this is going to be mocktails of Jersey City and Hoboken, and I’m sorry. I only had real mocktails at two places this month and one of them was in Hoboken.

Dry January is coming to an end! But during my dry times, I had a couple of mocktails I’d like to take a moment to reflect on because they were delish.

I love a mocktail because:

1. You’re holding SOMETHING in your hand while everyone else is drinking so you feel way less awkward/watched/judged for not drinking. You also have something to do with your hands, which is something I really miss when I’m in a social situation and my hand doesn’t have a drink in it.


3. It feels significant and like a treat to select, purchase, and drink one. Just like how it would feel with a regular cocktail!


Frankie in Jersey City has fab mocktails. They’re also the first place I ever saw CBD available to add to cock and mocktails. It is a revelation. Plz add CBD to everything. I want to see it in toothpaste. I want to see it in the water coming out of my faucet. Make it happen.

I had the depicted mocktail at a brunch that lasted a very long time so I think I had three mocktails in that span of my life that I’ll never get back. And I enjoyed every one of them. I forget what was in this but you can check out their menu if you wanna know more. I do know it’s called “Flower in the Sun” and it’s amazing.

antique bar and bakery.

Okay Antique Bar is in Hoboken and Hoboken is a garbage fire but my boyfriend works there now so I had to go check it out.

It’s cool on the inside despite being in Hoboken, I’ll give it that. It’s off the beaten path from all the garbage stuff and is a kinda low lit place with lots of…omg antiques! I’m just realizing this now. Wow. Either antiques or like…antique looking things. Antique VIBES. Hence the name. JEEZUZ.

They also have this amazing bread that has cheese and sausage inside of it and I never even thought of that as a bread idea before but I love it. My boyfriend brings some home to me and then I eat it all and feel bad about myself because it’s one of those things that’s so delicious I will eat it until I feel sick. And I’m sorry.

But we’re talking about mocktails! I went to visit the boyf and I ordered a mocktail from him and it was very delish. I guess you could say he’s good at his job. It had raspberries in it and lemony flavor and kind of like a 7up flavor but I don’t know what that was.

Afterward I went to the gym and I liked that, to be able to go to a bar and have a drink and THEN go to the gym. But not like the way I would go to the gym sometimes in college. Which was drunk.

A big part of my Dry January feeling, for better or worse, is just feeling so much POWER. Like oh did I say anything dumb last night I forgot about? Nope. Did I drink 10 mimosas and fall asleep at 5pm and waste a whole evening? Nope. Did I drink a single glass of wine at dinner on a weeknight and wake up with a pounding headache from a SINGLE GLASS OF WINE so now I can’t make it to the gym? Nope.


hot chocolate.

Adding this here because I never want you or anyone to forget that my mom Joy Popov made me a whole hot chocolate bar when I was home a few weeks ago. A whole BAR. With FIXINS. I think she had chocolate whipped cream. Did I make that up? No I think she did have it.

I didn’t consume the olive oil or the egg in the hot chocolate just FYI.

It was incredible and I felt so joyful.

Other drinks that aren’t “drinks” can truly bring a great deal of joy. It’s a beautiful thing.

I swear this is my last thing about Dry January. I know I won’t shut up about it but it’s just THE POWERRRRRR!!!!

Are you ready for Dry January to be over? Did you have any good mocktails this month? Or hot chocolates? Or other special non-alcoholic beverages? Let me know. I want to know other places in JC that have good mocktails because I only know Frankie right now. And I love Frankie but I think if I went there every day they’d be like “Um…be cool.” And they’d be right.

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