jersey city’s fm is closing.

Jersey City’s FM is closing and I’m pretty depressed about it.

I tried to go for a show last night and I got tired and only ended up staying an hour and 10 minutes so maybe I’m part of the problem. But I’m still depressed about it. Were you wondering how I was going to make this about me? Well, that’s how.

This post is going to be about my personal feelings and viewpoints regarding Jersey City’s FM closing and I didn’t conduct any research on why this closing is happening so if you’re looking for facts you won’t find them here. Not today. Just FYI.

Not sure why Jersey City’s FM is closing but I’m sure it probably has something to do with money and there not being enough of it. Money is always getting in the way and it’s a legitmate outrage. Why can’t we just have fun shit? Who cares how much people spend on shit or make on shit? Oh right, everyone cares about that. We can’t have fun shit unless it makes money. The world is a depressing place.

An older man in attendance at the show last night referred to my dinosaur earrings as “hot shit.” Like in a…good way?

Before FM was FM is was Union Republic, which was a purveyor of ramen. I despise ramen so I never went there. I just hate ramen as a food but not as an overall concept. So like, DO NOT invite me to eat foods with you and then suggest, “OMG LET’S GET RAMEN!” Because I would barf. But if you want to get ramen on your own, I’ll allow it.

It seems like many other people also didn’t go there, whether they like ramen or not, because it closed. Presumably for money reasons.

When FM first became FM it was a different iteration of FM. There were like, TV dinners? It had more of a 70s vibe, and way more seating. LIKE WAY MORE. Wow, thinking back, it was legit restaurant amounts of seating. Weird. And I never saw anyone really sitting there and DINING so I don’t think that really worked out for them. For some reason I recall them playing exclusively 70s/disco music. And it was a cute idea, but it wasn’t going to work. It was no Welcome to the Johnson’s.

At some point in recent history, Dancing Tony, man about town and runner of fun, took over what was going on at FM in some capacity. I’m not sure if he has some kind of ownership of the actual venue, but he certainly appears to have creative ownership as far as the bands that play there and the overall shit that happens there. I don’t know his actual title but in addition to running fun overall as a concept, he is also running fun at FM. And I love it! Dancing Tony can do no wrong! Dancing Tony 2020!

So the entertainment got way better there. They put a stage where the useless unoccupied eating tables were. They put up some rock n roll Jersey City art by Robert Piersanti. Things were looking up!

I went to quite a few pretty cool shows there. I saw JC bands I know and love, LIKE LOVE LOVE, like Desir Decir and Babraham Lincoln. I saw one night of shitty open mic stand up comedy. I thought about going to burlesque and I really should have. FM is a great place and I enjoy going there.

The one difference when it comes to FM, compared to most other bars with live music in Jersey City, they charge a cover. I don’t love a cover. I’m a proud millenial in many ways, and one of those ways is that I never carry cash. I hate having to go to Paradise Deli to take out twenty whole dollars and pay a $3 ATM fee and THEN pay a $3 fee to my bank in order to pay an $8 cover charge. It is not my favorite.

But I will do it for the love of the BANDS. Because BANDS MAKE US DANCE.

I regret leaving before Wyldlife even went on last night and only seeing the “Screaming Suspender Man” band which is how I’m going to refer to the band I saw because I don’t know their name and I’m doing lazy armchair journalism today. Despite my laziness toward properly identifying his band I did actually enjoy the Screaming Suspender Man, he was a vibe. He was wearing pants and suspenders, and that was all. And he was VERY INTO IT WHICH I ADMIRE GREATLY.

Update: A wise commenter let me know this band is called Cruelty. Woo!

Screaming Suspender Man, 2020.

My back started to hurt and I had to sit in a chair and I got so tired and that bored me so I had to leave and get Downtown Yogurt. I don’t know what else to tell you. Plz forgive me, Dancing Tony.

FM will be missed by me, and others who enjoy live music in Jersey City. Which is like, a lot of people, you guys. It’s kind of a thing here. Ugh. This sucks.

Their final show is this Saturday, February 1 at 7:30pm. And Desir Decir is playing YUUUSSSSS. And ALSO…you can get tickets on Eventbrite so you don’t have to get out cash at Paradise Deli for the cover charge YUSSSS AGAINNNNN.

I’m not sure what is going to take FM’s place…maybe nothing? Hopefully not ramen.

What are you going to miss most about FM? What are your favorite memories there? Do you know the facts about why they’re closing? Or the real name of the Screaming Suspender Man band? Feel free to share.

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