the gigantic miniature show at deep space gallery.

On Sunday I went to the re-launch of the Gigantic Minature Show at Deep Space Gallery and it was BAD. ASS.

You may be aware that I love Deep Space Gallery. It is legit the best. I was feeling sad because I haven’t been able to make it to a show or opening there since the fall! It was an outrage! I missed it a lot! So I was glad to go back and see what they’ve been up to.

The Gigantic Minature Show at Deep Space Gallery is something they’ve been doing yearly for the last couple of years and personally I think it’s great. It’s a bunch of smaller pieces by a bunch of artists and the work fills up the walls in the gallery and in the entry area and all the little nooks all over the place and everything is for sale and it’s really cool.

Part of what’s cool about this show, and Deep Space Gallery overall, is that the pieces are small and affordable and everyone gets a chance to own a piece of art and be a collector! To use one of my favorite words/ideas/concepts of the modern world – it “democratizes” art. THANK YOU FOR DEMOCRATIZING ART, DEEP SPACE. YOU DA MAN.

As usual the space of deep was very welcoming and they had wine and snacks from Frankie. The eponymous Frankie herself was even there! She’s a little doggy that prefers to experience the world while riding in a tote bag and it’s adorable.

I made oatmeal raisin cookies and brought some to share, and I was PUMPED to see that people enjoyed them! Baking is relaxing and also makes other people glad so I think it’s a win-win on that hobby.

Live footage of cookies.

There’s been some trouble in shan land as far as having a cold for like two weeks so it took a lot of riling myself up to get out of the house on Sunday and I was really glad I went. Did you know that “malaise” is a cold symptom? Because I feel MALAISED AF.

Now for some art! And my personal opinions of said art at the Gigantic Miniature Show at Deep Space Gallery.

Norm Kirby – @normkirby

These are some cool hanging wire sculptures. I’m not super into any of these particular depicted images but I really like the wire stuff he makes and I thought these were displayed in an interesting way by the window. I liked the reflections!

Talita Cabral and Alex Tea – @taacabral_ and @alextea.alextea

I like this one because it has elements of nature AND IT IS GOOOOOLD.

Alexis Kandra – @kandra_art

Alexis Kandra has a whole wall of these cute little animal paintings of all kinds of animals, real and mythical. I of course love the unicorns and the phoenixes but the blue parakeet is my most fav. You can’t really tell in this photo but most of them have a little gold detail as well.

Catherine Hart – @catherinewhart

This gal has many pieces around the town and I enjoy them all. THE BRIGHT COLORSSSSS.

Keith Garcia – @bel_biv_devoe_1

I love what this dude does but I don’t really know why. I can’t put my finger on why I love it and that’s kind of mysterious to me and makes me love it more. Maybe it’s something about the MAC machines? I did think money grew in MAC machines as a kid. And that it was unlimited. I still wish that was true every day.

He also made this lazy looking rodent-like painting and I know why I like this one. BECAUSE IT’S AN ANIMAL MAKING A LAZY FACE AND IT’S BRIGHT GREEN.

Ekaterina Popova – @katerinaspopova

HEY HI COOL LAST NAME IT’S LIKE MINE BUT WITH MORE FUN AT THE END! Also I adore this dreamy color palette. It’s always all about the colors for me. Did I already say that? Too bad.

Ru8icon1 – @ru8icon1

I love some ru8icon1! The one on the top was called “Vega” which I believe refers to a Chevy Vega which was my moms first car that she talks about kind of strangely a lot. But it spoke to me.

Macauley Norman – @macauleynorman

This was killin me and made me lol. I stared at it, and thought about it, and was like “Is that the lady from that Netflix documentary?!” And it was. And I laughed. Thank you for this laughter, Macauley Norman.

Joe Lotto –

I love this, for the colors, the simplicity, AND THE DOGS. I recommend following him on Instagram and watching his stories because he posts videos of him hand painting/lettering and it is mesmerizing/soothing to watch his steady hand forming perfect letters. It’s self care and you deserve it.

Last, I loved that they had a little “graveyard” set up of the description cards from sold pieces. It felt like a nice positive “wahoo good job!” to the artists. I liked it. I already said I loved it but I also liked it. Maybe “graveyard” seems too morbid but that’s what I’m calling it.

Close up of sold art “graveyard.”

The Gigangic Mjnkatjre show is at Deep Space Gallery until February 5! Go check it out!

AND THEN they have a new show opening on February 13! It’s gonna rock. I know it.