ode to a plan.

This is my ode to a plan.

I love a plan. I LOVE. A PLAN. I am Shan with a Plan. I need a plan. I live for a plan.


Planning arsenal.

Time is a social construct and is essentially bullshit but social constructs run our lives every (arbitrarily 24 hour) day. So we need to work WITH the social constructs and MANIPULATE the social constructs to WORK FOR US and THAT, my friends, is how “it” (killing it at life) is done.

There are many wonderful ways to make a plan and I’m going to review them here so strap in.

google calendar.

Since we live in the future and our lives are run by robots, it makes sense to use Google Calendar. Google is the main robot in charge of running our lives so the calendar feature is already integrated into our souls and brains. Or at least into our email client.

Google Calendar is right there living in your phone and pretty much jumps up and waves its little robot arms around when you need it. Actually I’m not 100% sure that the calendar robot that lives in my phone is Google Calendar specific, but it is integrated with my Google Calendar because I’m logged into my Google account on my phone so it’s ostensibly the same thing.

A non robot calendar.

Now that we’ve established the nature of this robot, I’ll just say that it’s perfect for planning. It is RIGHT THERE. How could you not insert plans into it immediately after making them via text or email…or even phone call, if you’re a psychopath? How could you ever let yourself ever forget any event or occasion ever again when you have this helpful tool right by your side?

You’re even able to reign in folks in your life that aren’t natural planners and are ruining everything, simply by sending them a calendar invite. YOU can add plans to THEIR calendar! It’s a miracle! They will have no excuse! There is no “forgetting” or “oh I made other plans” in the future. If it is in the cal it is happening and if it doesn’t THEY WILL FACE THE CONSEQUENCES.


The hoarders and packrats among us still have our planners from high school.

I still have my planners from high school.

They act as a sort of diary or journal, in a way. I can see the days and times when certain things happened and it gives me a framework to take myself back to that place and remember what it was like. And I think that’s important! Memories are cool! Get on board with this!

Stickers for planning!

Also planners or written calendars or whatever weirdly played a very important part in the Kavanaugh trial. So you never really know when they’re going to come in handy.

Planners were always fun to me but because of Google Calendar I hadn’t used one for a while until last year. I discovered the brand ban.do, which is now a huge personal fav, and they were having a massive sale on planners, so I got one, AND pens, AND stickers. And it was the best choice I’ve made in my 30s, which are allegedly “full of making good choices” or something.

More stickers!

The planner started in August and it goes until this coming December and I’ve been enjoying it a great deal. I obviously love the stickers and I like writing different types of things in different colors, like the gym or work things or friend things or family things or even things I write blog posts about! There is a color for everything! I love this beautiful world!

Also pens!

JK because there is one catch to having an actual physical planner and stickers and pens: you have to carry it all around. You have to find a place for it in your purse or your bag or your pocket and that is kind of annoying. I carried mine around for a while but now I keep it and all of my supplies on my new desk I assembled. I look at it and fill it out in the morning and at night and that works for me.


Spreadsheets are an incredible and effective way to create and debate and execute a plan. I admit that I have zero Excel skills. Probably because I can’t comprehend basic math, which I guess maybe isn’t fair to say because Excel can be manipulated to do the math for you. Either way I don’t know how to do anything in Excel besides copy and paste information into it and then view that information and compare it and then make a choice.

After that choice is made then it becomes a plan and all of the necessary information to carry out the plan is already there IN THE SPREADSHEET.

harassing people.

Even though we have many valuable tools like planners and various robots to do our planning bidding, sometimes these things alone do not work to ensure a plan is fully carried out.

Plans in the wild.

And that is when you have to harass people. You have to LET THEM KNOW THE PLAN HOWEVER POSSIBLE. You can text them, you can email them, you can write them a letter, you can tell their mom to remind them, WHATEVER YOU NEED TO DO FOR THE PLAN TO BE CARRIED OUT.


when plans backfire and/or don’t work out and/or your world explodes in flames.

Often no planning method is effective and a plan doesn’t work out. This is terrible and the end of the world and you should be sad. You should be outraged that you wasted your time and stickers and ink from the fun colored pens.

The need to cross something out in your planner or delete something from your Google Calendar is a shame almost too great to bear. Do not allow anyone to try to tell you any differently or convince you to “Go with the flow,” or “Be more spontaneous.”

More plans.

When a plan doesn’t happen it is a waste of time and resources and must be mourned appropriately. It is the only way.

Do you like to make plans? What is your favorite tool for planning? How do you feel when plans don’t work out? How to you cope with the sadness and shame?

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